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Life in Hyperbolic Space 1: Primer

It’s rare that weird, brain-bending ideas and video games meet, but in my experience, when they do, it’s pretty glorious. Portal, Prey, Antichamber, The Stanley Parable, and SUPERHOT are examples I’ve played personally. 2,270 more words


Platonism! (For Inspiration)

by CJ Uberroth

As a high school math teacher, I have had my fair share of interesting conversations, ranging from my students’ favorite music to my addiction to American Spirit cigarettes. 1,458 more words


Shooting Victim's Family Angry to See Euclid Police Officer Responsible Back on the Job


The Euclid police officer accused in the shooting death 23-year-old Luke Stewart is back on the job and the family of the victim is not happy about it. 128 more words


An Infinitude of Proofs, Part 0

Today, we take a break from our recent philosophical musings to return to some good old-fashioned mathematics (indeed, the mathematics today could be seen as all being “old-fashioned,” as the theorem we will be considering dates back to the ancient Greeks). 989 more words


Victor Vasarely

Last week I wrote about the Turkish Impressionist Feyhaman Duran, born in 1886. Now my subject is the Hungarian-French Op Artist born twenty years later as Győző Vásárhelyi. 2,549 more words


No Weapon Was Found on Man Shot and Killed by Euclid Police

EUCLID, Ohio– A suspect shot and by an Euclid police officer Monday did not have a weapon, a BCI spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Agents are still trying to determine if the suspect used his vehicle as a weapon. 121 more words