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Uncertainty, Debate, and Imprecision in Mathematics

If you remember anything about the mathematics courses you took in high school, it is that mathematics is the one subject in which there is absolute certainty and precision in all its answers. 1,955 more words

Imagination And Knowledge

Posse - Soft Opening

by Art Carny

It was three o’clock on a Wednesday morning and I found myself deep in thought.  So I decided to hunker down to the computer and start typing, about what exactly I wasn’t sure.   616 more words

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The Riemann Hypothesis: Prime Numbers


The statement of the Riemann Hypothesis is simple:

The Riemann Hypothesis:
The Riemann Zeta Function has “nontrivial zeroes” on a single line in the Complex Plane. 1,561 more words

Prime Numbers

What’s in a Name?

Circle Street is a .3 mile road off of Central Street that is home to the Forestville Cemetery, the Zion Church and a little over twenty houses. 177 more words

Silas Minutia

How To Find Prime Numbers

The concept of a prime number is very simple. It’s one we’ve all been taught quite early on. If a number has only two factors, those factors being 1 and itself, it is a prime number. 3,149 more words


Euclid and Book History in the Digital Age

In the spring semester of 2014, I taught a new course (for me and for my department): a junior seminar (HSCI 3993) designed to give junior history of science majors a serious research experience before they embarked on their senior capstone projects. 1,460 more words

Anatomy for Artists: How to Draw the Shoulder.

Anatomy for Artists pdf

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I hope, one day, in the dim and distant future, to become a great artist. 561 more words