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Euclid's Fifth Postulate and the Story of Non-Euclidean Geometry

By Ian Gilbert

It’s July, and Santa’s bored, so he decides to go for a stroll. At the north pole, every direction is actually south, and so he starts his walk going south. 5,204 more words


Exploring the Ancient Greek Conception of Infinity

By Maggie Altenhof-Long

The unknown isn’t always a welcoming place; for the Ancient Greeks, the frontiers of mathematics often brushed up against some uncomfortable subjects, and early mathematicians were overly skeptical of many concepts that are now the modern mathematician’s bread and butter. 1,846 more words


LOCAL NEWS: Fundraiser Planned to Help Honor and Benefit Euclid Hit-Skip Victim's Family

A child is dead after a fatal hit-skip in Euclid, weeks ago.

9-year-old De’Zyer Mays was struck by a vehicle in the 800 block of Babbit Road on November 9. 83 more words


Euclidean Shivers

     So, how does the Triangle
     relate to the Circle?    

     Euclid and a radius prove points
     that radiate from the center, a circle,
     a method to navigate space. 66 more words

Science Poetry

Euclid - Elements

Mathematics is one of the oldest fields of human inquiry and my favorite because of its power, depth, and beauty. It is a formal science… 1,634 more words