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Bob's Burgers: Nice-Capades

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“Punk” / Eugene Mirman

“I’m not proud of this, but I once killed a man with my tongue” has to be a Tao Pai Pai joke, right?

On a scale of 1 to 10, Dragon Ball is 🍏🍎🍏  punk.


Need a laugh? Grist’s comedy night is almost here!

So, the over-the-top hit drama known as “2016” got extended another four years. The only way to get through this nail-biter is with some chuckles and several rounds of hardy har hars. 91 more words


10 Quotes on Paying Your Dues

Earlier this week I heard the first quote listed below on a Scriptnotes podcast and it didn’t take long to track down similar quotes on paying your dues that I’ve posted over the years on this blog. 615 more words

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Comedian Wyatt Cenac's love letter to stand-up comedy

Grammy-nominated comedian Wyatt Cenac joins Justin to talk about the debut of “Night Train,” his new stand-up comedy show on Seeso. Wyatt discusses the challenges involved in transferring his weekly stand-up comedy showcase in Brooklyn to a television show, the difficulty trying to capture the energy of the live show, how he prepares for being a host rather than a performer and the current comedy scene in Brooklyn. 29 more words

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‘Night Train with Wyatt Cenac' Invites Viewers Into the NYC Comedy Clubhouse

As the credits roll on Wyatt Cenac’s 2014 comedy special Brooklyn — the album version was nominated for a 2015 Grammy for Best Comedy Album — the  1,210 more words


'Bob's Burgers' star Eugene Mirman on his life in comedy

Comedian, actor and star of the FOX-TV hit “Bob’s Burgers” Eugene Mirman joins Justin to talk about his career, the relationships he has cultivated with other comedians, the fertile Brooklyn comedy scene, his role as Gene on Bob’s Burgers, how he developed his character, the challenges of doing an animated show, the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, his recent comedy album for Sub Pop, playing outdoor comedy festivals and being the opening act for the upcoming Flight of the Conchords show this weekend at Millennium Park. 29 more words

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