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A Taste of Spring: Asparagus

Spring is my favorite season. In my hometown of Charlotte, NC it starts with the first crocus, then the cherry trees add a pop of color and after a long winter’s break, the beautiful Bradford Pear trees which line many a street in town, burst forth with blossoms. 1,244 more words


Politicians, Pundits, Press & Pure Propaganda

The first Presidential election in which I voted was 1960, and I voted for John F. Kennedy. As I was on active duty with the Navy at that time, and for many years to follow, I could only follow politics from a distance. 2,328 more words

Current Events

On the Lighter Side ...

Humour … I need humour!  I am drowning in a sea of darkness!  Okay, I exaggerate, but seriously, this has been a pretty dark and gloomy week so far, between the American political fiasco, the terrorist attacks in Belgium, and the refugee crisis in Europe.  662 more words


Exacting Revenge

Americans shouldn’t have to rely on the Brits for embarrassing news about the mood in America, but maybe those proper and civilized folks across the pond take a bit of smug satisfaction in their unruly cousins being crude and mindless jerks. 3,417 more words

Donald Trump

Charlotte Christian makes Colby's dream a reality Friday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On a cool, misty night in the Queen City, the Charlotte Christian community gathered to deliver a ray of sunshine on Friday evening during the Knights’ home game against Carolina Pride. 294 more words


Eugene Robinson: The non-Clinton alternative for Democrats

Washington Post — Is Bernie Sanders the political reincarnation of Eugene McCarthy? I doubt it, but let’s hope he makes the Democratic presidential race interesting. 84 more words


Im-Politic: Why Dylann Roof Isn't a Terrorist

Most debates over political labeling do way more harm than good, tending to result from the usually wrong-headed, guilt-ridden impulses of the political correctness crowd. But the latest controversy, sparked by the horrific Charleston, South Carolina killings, is worth considering – whether confessed shooter Dylan Roof should be considered a terrorist. 794 more words