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You Can’t Have it Both Ways This Time

Eugene Robinson makes a point that a lot of people have, more or less simultaneously, figured out: if the stuff the low life criminal leakers are leaking is fake, then they aren’t criminal because they aren’t leaking classified information at all, they are leaking stuff they made up. 168 more words


The most thin-skinned famous person ever is about to become President, and I'm terrified. Bill Walton is a national treasure. And "The Front Page" a great night at the theater

OK, so there was a HUGE amount of information that broke last night about Donald Trump, the Russians, some really sordid sex behavior, and about 14 other things. 971 more words

On 1/10/17 Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post finally weighed in on the subject of the republican President-Elect lashing out against Meryl Streep’s unflattering remarks about him while she was on stage during the Golden Globes Award ceremony. 770 more words

Republican Party

"Addicted to adulation"

from Eugene Robinson, “Donald Trump is serious about smashing GOP orthodoxy,” Washington Post, 12/19/16:

…It seems obvious that he is addicted to adulation, basks in the grandeur of his own celebrity and chafes at the prosaic labor of assembling an administration. 57 more words


Where I wish President Trump failure

by Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, 11/14/16

The people chose Hillary Clinton. But it’s the electoral vote that counts, not the popular vote, so Donald Trump will be president. 143 more words


Disclaimer: I have already early voted in Florida for Hillary Clinton. Until this year of 2016, I was a registered republican of the ilk like Colin Powell. 1,057 more words