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Fascism vs the transcult, the idealised past vs the idealised future for the chosen ones

“Fascism is a poisonous ideology that grows and adapts to its circumstances — Eurofascism reflected European vices; American fascism is similarly home-brewed. Therein lies the challenge in identifying it and combating it. 276 more words

Is the UCC Challenging Ableism, or is it simple tokenism?

I wish I could say that the 2018 slate of candidates for Moderator of the United Church of Canada has put a moratorium on my beliefs around the Christianities perpetuating ableism. 599 more words

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Dr. Strangelove (1964) "Ship of Fools"

Dr. Strangelove, based on the Peter George novel Red Alert is clearly deeply rooted in its own time; shot when Cold War was in its zenith, yet it manages to speak to us. 1,456 more words

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July 14, 1933 – The Nazi Party is declared to be the country’s only legal party and the Nazi eugenics program begins with the

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Evolutionary Psychology Grapples with Racism and Anti-Semitism


When I published my book From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany (2004), I had no idea that white nationalism and neo-Nazism would become more fashionable in the coming years.

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Eugenics Uno

Will GM humans make us modified
To be like supermen? Because inside
We’ve tinkered to improve our bodies, brains?
And after uber-humans: what beside?

Will cybernetics too begin its sway… 55 more words