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Bunion Derby and other foot related endurance events

From the beginning of the 20th century promoters profited by staging endurance events and contests of every torturous sort. One pinnacle of endurance madness was the 1928 transcontinental foot race across North America. 628 more words

Broken and Useful

Interestingly I happened upon a PBS show Eugenics Crusade. Eugenics became popular in the United States as well as other countries because of its promise to improve the human race. 762 more words

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but think of how many people wouldn’t exist if the gene pool had a lifeguard.


What eugenicists did for women's sport?

Summer holidays is a traditional time to rest and feast. Unfortunately most of us spend the rest of the year trying to lose the excess pounds we gain during the mid winter break. 610 more words

For Family and Civilisation

Three useful books in the fight for family and civilisation.

Pray – Read – Learn – Act

Book review – Genetics in the Madhouse: The Unknown History of Human Heredity

Ask most biologists about the history of genetics and they will likely mention Watson and Crick’s 1953 discovery of the double helix structure of DNA or the work of the monk Gregor Mendel that showed a simple form of trait inheritance. 1,237 more words

Book Review

Hour of the Cat by Peter Quinn

It gave me a Q author for my alphabet reading challenge and looked like something I might enjoy.

Published: 2005

Genre: historical fiction… 401 more words

Book Review