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Dr. Mildred Jefferson

A physician like Dr. Mildred Jefferson

Claiming to be pro life yet getting mixed up with the pro abortion people’s defintion of us

Being an Obgyn who is truly pro life is a gift and they are an advocate and their office in so many ways is a pregnancy resource center.   293 more words

The world's first super-gonorrhoea case has been cured

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It serves as a wake-up call to all, but now two more cases have been found in Australia. 1,843 more words


Us being Fed & Bred..

Could it be the Jeans?

A similar concept to the Genes

Commonly, a social engineered carbon copy; to the one in realms

Farmers, programmers, handlers and Eugenicists’ for the stock of flock… 197 more words

Lilies that fester

from The Journal of Molecular Autism


There are two problems: (1) the two genes – NLGN3 and NLGN4X – specifically identified with two versions of X-linked Asperger’s syndrome are also identified with the so-called x-linked autism. 126 more words

Japan’s Government to face more lawsuits over forced sterilization law

From Kyodo

April 20th 2018

SENDAI – The government may soon face more lawsuits over the forced sterilization of people with disabilities as a group of lawyers said Friday that preparations are under way following the first such lawsuit, which was filed by a Miyagi woman earlier this year. 374 more words


'I want my life back': Japan sterilisation victims seek justice


April 18th 2018

Junko Iizuka remembers clearly the day she was taken to a hospital as a teenager and forcibly sterilised under a Japanese government programme. 827 more words


David Silverman, American Atheists and the Attempt to be Good Without God

Last week American Atheists issued a statement that they had fired their firebrand president of many years, David Silverman, as a result of moral failure. 1,260 more words