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Rubáiyát - Eugenics Uno

Will GM humans make us modified
To be like supermen? Because inside
We’ve tinkered to improve our bodies, brains?
And after uber-humans: what beside?

Will cybernetics too begin its sway… 55 more words

My Poetry

The Neurodivergent Experience: It's Never About Us

These are particularly bad times for neurodivergent/mentally ill folks. They’re trying to cut our benefits and health care. They’re constantly trying to make it easier to have us involuntarily committed and sterilized. 1,270 more words

Mental Illness

Bad genes? Or bad genetics?

by E. John Winner

The following shouldn’t be seen as a condemnation of genetic research, which has proven invaluable in understanding evolution, epidemiology, breeding of better food sources, etc. 3,501 more words


The challenges of publishing a book

Well, of course, after I thought I had weeded out all the typos, added a reference that I was sure I had already added, and tweaked the new cover for the print version sufficiently, I still found a missing space, and one or two missing words in the proof. 221 more words

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