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Toby Young's Eugenics Speech

Toby Young has been mired in controversy this year, with the latest revelation being that he attended the London Conference on Intelligence, where several pseudoscientific arguments on the superiority of white and male genetics have been made over recent years. 1,269 more words


Q & A: Eugenics: Should we allow the mentally handicapped or those with high risk of having a baby with a genetic disorder breed?

Wow – interesting question! I’m really glad you asked this, because it gives me a good platform to get something off my chest.

When I was 31 I was diagnosed as Bipolar I / psychotic. 327 more words

Q & A

Find Again, And Awake

The text called Work In Progress by its creator, James Joyce, is a closed reading, a flat circle, a two-page jot which contains between its two pages the entire oral history of the Irish Nancy-boy, the Irish eugenics colony, the Irish vermin squeaking at each other from their speak-easies between the lines, the Irish church as raped and murdered by the Roman Church, the boy sent to Clongowes and poked and prodded and examined, and whose fate was determined even before he properly learned how to read, let alone become the greatest writer of the twentieth century, James Joyce, who will only become the greatest writer of all time when the crimes he reveals in the final section are finally put to account and the sins of the Society of Jesus, called the Jesuit Order, are squared with the holiness of the Jesuit order, for teaching James Joyce how to analyze a text, for teaching James Joyce how to dismember a text, and then put it back together, for teaching James Joyce how to think like Thomas Aquinas, and write like Nora Barnacle’s scribe, to endow Dublin, the port of the Danes, the staging area for the Danish conquest of England as documented in the myth of Tristan and Isolde, with all the newfound glory of the lost city of Troy. 816 more words

Literary Criticism

Equality and Diversity of Humans...and Elves?

Fantasy tales are often populated with a wide array of beings. Elves, humans and dwarves are a common trio, along with trolls, orcs and countless other variations. 407 more words


Everything You Need To Know About Bill Gates, Vaccine Safety & His Relationship With Big Pharma

By World Mercury Project

Bill Gates is fond of using his bully pulpit to talk about “miracles” and “magic.” Gates has featured one or both words in nearly all of his annual wrap-up letters for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ( 1,473 more words


‘US industrial giants would rather let workers die than stop using asbestos’ – legal magazine editor — RT US News

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” Every outcry against the oppression of some people by other people, or against what is morally hideous is the affirmation of the principle that a human being as such is not to be violated.

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