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Why The Next Supreme Court Justice Needs To Be A Conservative

With the recent announcement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring, a lot of people have been either really worried or really excited. For the past decade Kennedy has been the swing vote, often breaking the tie between the liberal and conservative justices on prominent cases. 582 more words


Celebrate our kids Part 2

Diversity is a beautiful thing. Belonging is the normative for diversity. The sadness of our world is that we continue to perpetuate segregation, and myths that place tolerance, accessibility, and inclusion over belonging. 400 more words


Celebrate who your child is

Daddy, we are not disabled, my buds and me are superheroes.

-My Son, Canada Day 2018

The world continually tells parents of super-heroes as my son phrases it, to mourn how they are not “typical” or “normal”.

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Lawsuits over Japan’s past forced sterilizations prompt ruling bloc to consider compensation ahead of court rulings

Kyodo via The Japan Times

June 29th 2018

Japan’s ruling parties have decided to provide relief measures to those affected by forced sterilizations under the now-defunct eugenics law, ahead of court rulings in a string of damages suits against the state, party sources said Thursday. 390 more words


NHK reports on man, Kazumi Watanabe, forcibly sterilized aged 10 [video]

From NHK

June 30th 2018

73-year-old Kazumi Watanabe filed a lawsuit in Kumamoto for 33 million yen in compensation. When he was around 10 years old, he claims that unbeknownst to him, his testicles were removed at a hospital where he was taken by his mother. 87 more words


Hokkaido couple sue over forced sterilization, coerced abortion

From The Asahi

June 28th 2018

Two more lawsuits were filed against the central government on June 28 over forced sterilization, including one by a couple who say the wife was also coerced into having an abortion. 446 more words