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Elimination of People

There have been many ways over the eons of time that people have attacked life in the womb. We know that in scripture during the time of Moses’ birth, Pharaoh took it upon himself to pass an edict that destroyed male children at birth. 544 more words

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Reckoning with less than historical eugenics and present politics

Eugenics, Kavanaugh, and Trump administration politics

I was with a friend in North Carolina as the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh unfolded, and stopped by the NC Eugenics Board historical marker completely by accident. 658 more words

Ableism And Prejudice

Nellie McClung Haiku

Sad your stupid words

Were twisted, thrown back at you?

Cry more, punk premier.

Today on Ehler’s Choice Week, Nellie McClung! Canadian suffragette and another pick from my sainted mother. 674 more words

Ends Justify the Means?

Christopher L. Bennett’s Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code (Pocket Books, 2016) raises the ethical dilemma in a pre-Prime Directive Star Trek Universe. 703 more words


Euthanasia, Abortion and Eugenics

Messanger conversation on September 12th 2018 with one of my friends in the US


Our nation is looking at passing a human sacrifice bill under the guize of “choice for assisted suicide” which puts vulnerable people like myself in the line for advice from professionals to die… and probably Power of Attorneys can decide for severely disabled/ elderly people. 425 more words

Evangelism Encounters

Sadly though, the social, political, and economic narrative of schooling in the past has been grounded in a “soft eugenics” belief that while some children have the capacity to become whatever they choose to be in life, others do not.

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Spirituality of Belonging

Thank you for inviting me to discuss belonging. This is a lifetime way of life for my family and me, that has left its physical, emotional and spiritual scars upon me. 2,950 more words