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Summer Reading: Homer's Odyssey Books 17-20

Last time, I wrote about Books 13-16 of the Odyssey. Now we move onto Books 17-20, and as usual, I will begin with a summary of plot events: 1,310 more words


Pourquoi si colorés ?

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Nicolas Chatel-Launay

Why So Colourful?

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Nicolas Chatel-Launay

Serving the Master

Pope St. Nicholas I

The faithful swineherd, waiting for his master to return, is a model for all Catholics.  John Cuddeback develops this theme in… 89 more words


Penelope (to Telemachus): “If really he is Odysseus, truly home, beyond all doubt we two shall know each other better than you or anyone. There are secret signs we know, we two.” …

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‘You, herdsman, and you, too, swineherd… Would you be men enough to stand by Odysseus if he came back? Would you bear arms for him…?’

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The swineherd then gave orders to his men:
‘Bring in our best pig for a stranger’s dinner. A feast will do our hearts good too; we know grief and pain, hard scrabbling with our swine, while the outsiders live on our labor.’

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