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수지고래의 Daily FX Market_2016.12.01. + OPEC comment

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– NDF 환율은 현물환 전 거래일 종가 대비 7.35원 상승 (최종 1176.00 / 1177.00)

– 전일 서울환시에서의 환율은 OPEC 감산 합의 관련 불확실성 및 저점인식 결제 수요 유입에 상승 27 more words

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EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD: Weekly Outlook - Morgan Stanley

EUR: Support on the Crosses. Neutral.

EURUSD is largely driven by the USD leg, which means the pair could slowly grind lower towards 1.04 by year end. 625 more words

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EUR, NZD, CAD: More Downside Ahead On Valuation & Positioning Metrics - TD

For the major currencies, the first and second charts show our tool to measure valuation and positioning. The first chart shows our proxy for macro hedge funds, which suggests leveraged funds are short EUR, CHF, CAD and long AUD and NZD. 134 more words

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Trump: the new Reagan for the USD?

EUR/USD (equivalent) under Reagan 

Source: FRED

Both have been involved in the entertainment industry and both are tax cutting Republicans. Beyond that many Reagan fans would see comparisons with Trump as an insult. 1,044 more words


Donald Trump: 45th President of the United-States

Donald Trump is the new president of the United States, but it’ll takes two more months until he’s officially sworn in, and take office in mid-January. 530 more words