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EUR's Eternal Energy Loss

Although the EUR currency is in a global downtrend, it seems there’s no end to how much more it can lose its value. Pick, for example, EUR-NZD: one may be tempted to identify 1.3700 as a far low point where to expect, at the latest, an inversion; but, for how the EUR is behaving it is not a certainty. 40 more words

20/04/2015 - USD Strengthens - Market Wrap Up

GBP/USD lopwer at 1.4908, EUR/USD lower at 1.0741 and AUD/USD lower at 0.7774.

Market Wrap Up

16-18/04/2015 - USD Weakening and Aussie Higher - Market Wrap Up

Aussie unemployment rate has decreased to 6.1% from consensus of 6.3% with participation rare rising and employment change being much better than expected at 37.7k compared to consensus of 15k. 31 more words

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15/04/2015 - Mixed Markets - Market Wrap Up

GBP/USD currently at 1.4770, EUR/USD at 1.0600 and AUD/USD jst over 0.7600.

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Keeping an Eye on EUR

EUR has been losing positions since over half a week and a technical bounce may not be so automatic: this is when losses come in to existence. 55 more words

13/04/2015 - Quiet Markets - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD mildly lower at 1.0580, GBP/USD at 1.4604 and AUD/USD just under the 0.76 mark.

Market Wrap Up

Is EUR Downtrend Inevitable?

Seems like it is, although you  may see the EUR currency reacting on today’s session, it will probably be related to its depressed position gained since the past three market days: very rarely we have to assist to such a loss of tidal energy for three consecutive days. 39 more words