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02/09/2015 - USD Strengthens - Market Wrap Up

GBP/USD lower at 1.5281, EUR/USD at 1.1245 and AUD/USD at 0.7020

Market Wrap Up

Here we go...

Here I am, sitting in my apartment in Rotterdam, not reading my Quantitative Methods for Applied Economics literature, and not studying the papers for Economics and Financing of Healthcare Governance. 271 more words


Did the European common currency become a safe haven?

Usually, when market collapse, such had happened in the last week of the month of August, everybody tends to refugee in the greenback – US currency being the ultimate alternative in a very volatile context. 270 more words

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EUR, la 4,5 lei in decembrie

Leul se va deprecia usor in fata EUR in aceasta a doua jumatate a anului, spun analistii de la Raiffeisen, dar leul isi va reveni, se va aprecia si se va stabiliza la nivelul de 4,4 lei pentru un euro in toamna anului viitor. 100 more words

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01/09/2015 - Markets Lower - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD at 1.1260, GBP/USD lower at 1.5346 and AUD/USD lower at 0.7058.

Market Wrap Up

31/08/2015 - Mixed Markets - Market Wrap Up

GBP/USD flat at 1.5421, EUR/USD flat at 1.1207, AUD/USD at 0.7121.

Market Wrap Up

The Bursting of the BRICs Bubble

After two decades of explosive growth and nearly a decade of rising geopolitical clout, the BRICs now face a number of grim economic indicators. For much of the past decade, the seemingly inexorable growth of the BRICs led many experts to argue that the post-American world was at hand. 2,303 more words

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