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The myth of Eurabia: how a far-right conspiracy theory went mainstream

Good long read. Excerpt below:

….The boundaries between these blogs and the “MSM” they affected to despise were porous. Some writers aimed for a high-minded tone about the dangers of Muslim immigration: the former Financial Times columnist Christopher Caldwell published in 2009 a book, Reflections on a Revolution in Europe, that recapitulates the idea of a slow-moving Muslim barbarian invasion from a position of Olympian disdain: “Immigrants also bring a lot of disorder, penury and crime … Muslim culture is unusually full of messages laying out the practical advantages of procreation … If you walk north across the Piazza Della Repubblica in Turin, you see, mutatis mutandis, what the Romans saw.

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Notre-Dame en flames

Ces artisans avaient fixé un paratonnerre sur la flèche de Notre-Dame, i què diuen? Doncs això:

Les sections de chêne sont énormes et il faut vraiment une source d’énergie hors norme pour les embraser.

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Britain is Officially Conquered

Islam is not only Britain’s future, but its present:


The Islamic call to prayer was recited in Trafalgar Square, Central London last night.

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Everyone Loves Refugees--Until They're Asked to Take Them into Their Homes





Just not in my home:

😂😂 This is superb. Loads of virtue-signalling Swedes say they’d take in refugees, then make excuses when the interviewer produces a refugee looking for a house to live in.

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Diversity is Italy's Strength

Western culture is being enriched, one burning school bus full of children at a time:

Video footage of the attack where the Senegalese man attempted to set a bus full of kidnapped children on fire.

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El genocidi voluntari

El suïcidi demogràfic d’Occident no és fruit d’una conspiració oculta dins els cercles del poder, sinó que té predicadors que en parlen obertament. Yves Cochet, que va ser eurodiputat dins el grup… 306 more words