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Trying Out a New Recipe

By: Desiree Back

I decided to try something new in the form of a new recipe. This is an audio/visual interview about my experience with trying a new recipe. 14 more words

How To Fall Asleep In Under A Minute

Do you toss and turn when you get in bed at night? Do you have a hard time falling asleep? If so, doing this little trick could actually help you fall asleep in less than a minute! 185 more words


Operation Helping Hands

Putting compassion at the forefront of community efforts

Over the past months EPD along with multiple city departments have worked with community partners to solve homeless problems behind the mall. 558 more words

My New Experience With Jury Duty

By: Desiree Back

A few days ago, I had a new experience, which was going to jury duty for the first time. Since I am a student, I knew that they wouldn’t make me actually serve on the jury, as I would miss too much school; but I had no idea how long they would keep me waiting until they would say I didn’t have to serve and let me go back home. 773 more words

The Four Things Women Wear When They're in a Good Mood And The Two Things They Wear When They're Not

I’m not sure I’m buying this study out of the University of Queensland in Australia, but apparently it’s true. There are 4 things women wear when they’re happy and Dana agrees with all 4 of them. 101 more words


The Enviro-Favoritism That's Keeping California Less Green

In a previous RealClearMarkets column, I asked whether California could actually get any greener than it currently is. This matters when we remember that Golden State politics are increasingly centered on who can propose the most aggressive environmental plan. 687 more words

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