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Confirmed: "MONEY undergoes MITOSIS"

30 February, 0136: No more worries! Scientists have found out the solution to every single problem that can ever boast itself to be problematic enough, to be a problematic problem. 395 more words


The Works

A photo slideshow of The Works, an independent record store located at 434 2nd Street in Old Town Eureka, California.


The "Sell By" Dates On Food Labels Are About To Be Less Confusing

Are you the type of person that as soon as the milk hits the “Sell By” date, you toss it? We waste a lot of food because of those  dates on the packaging.  177 more words


Understanding the Holy Spirit through the Force (Pt 5)

Welcome back! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, I would like to pretend I’ve been busy or something but in reality I just let this fall by the wayside for the past week. 502 more words


How to find a good name for your blog?

How to find a seriously good blog name? It was a struggle, my previous blog was called torontocooks.com because I was a food blogger (I brought all the recipes with me, please, take a look).   309 more words