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10 Things Parents Do To Embarrass Their Kids

No matter how cool we think we are as parents, our kids are thinking something completely different when it comes to our ranking on their cool scale of cool. 163 more words


Child With Funny Fingers Tripping and Fussing

“Swerve, burst and trash old cursive lines,”
Was the only thing the Hero could say.
What he meant was…
Your first written words, from
The language of a world for one, 146 more words


What's in a J - O - B?

If I answer this question based on my personal observations as a fairly new resident of Eureka, Montana my honest (and most sardonic) reply would have to be: beer money.  1,666 more words


I had a eureka moment! 

I had a eureka moment. I was only walking down the street. The same street I walk down almost every day. There was nothing particularly different about the journey. 168 more words


13 Odd Ways To Make A Guy Fall For You

Glamour Magazine posted a list of 13 ways to make a guy fall hard for you, but there’s one problem. Unfortunately, some readers took offense to the list of man-pleasing suggestions and they pulled the list. 288 more words


The Five "Shady" Things People Do on Business Trips

Does your husband or wife travel for business?  Does your boyfriend or girl friend need to conduct work in another city from time to time?  For some relationships, it is a nightmare for their loved one to leave for a business trip and there may be a good reason why. 97 more words


Day 4: Trees!

We left San Francisco early this morning after taking almost 20 minutes to find a gas station. It gave me a new appreciation for being chauffeured around town by my brother-in-law the past two days. 502 more words