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The Best And Worst States For Raising A Family

Sorry, but I’m going to start off by saying they got this completely wrong! You’ll agree with me when you see where Florida came in on the list of the best and worst states for raising a family. 112 more words


This Mashup Of Songs Turning 20 In 2017 Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

We all have “our decade” which is when we fell in love with music and probably even learned a choreographed routine too. No? Just me? Okay then. 76 more words


Cold Fingers Warm Heart

I took my gloves off, began to sweat and thus realised that cold fingers do not act like a dog’s tongue – they do not… 259 more words


The Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs In The United States!

Chances are your job doesn’t deal with life or death matters on a daily basis, even though it may feel that way at times!  Work place stress is as real as it gets though!   136 more words


Girls Night Celebrations

Good morning!!  I just got back from an early morning at the gym and I am wiped!!  With the weather being so warm, I haven’t been able to sleep as well as I usually do.   343 more words

4 Tricks To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods

Getting your kids to eat healthy can sometimes be one of life’s greatest challenges. However, it can be done, but it just might involve a little outsmarting the little ones! 148 more words