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Euripides and Moderation in Love

On the Laudator Temporis Acti website, I ran into two quotes from Euripides which go a long way toward explaining the genius of the ancient Greeks. 333 more words



When you lose control and you got no soul, it’s tragedy.” (Bee Gees)

If only the Ancient Greeks had access to the internet, then they would have had no need to wallow in sorry dramas about the sufferings of their woe-begotten protagonists. 327 more words

Writing Tips

67. Rhesus by Euripides (c.437 BC)

Plot : On the plains of Troy, Hector is eager to take the fight to the Greeks and burn their ships. He sends out a scout (Dolon) to see what the large number of campfires at the Greek camp means : he thinks they are getting ready to sail home. 568 more words

Ancient Greek Literature

66. Iphigenia in Aulis, by Euripides (405 BC)

Plot : The Greek armies are trapped at the seaport of Aulis, waiting for favourable winds before they can set sail for Troy to destroy the city and restore Helen to her husband Menelaus. 552 more words

Ancient Greek Literature

65. The Bacchae by Euripides (405 BC)

Plot : The lately come God Dionysus (Bacchus), the bull-horned “spirit of revel and rapture” is angered with the people of Thebes, particularly the young King Pentheus who refuses to acknowledge or worship him, and his mother Agave and her sisters who slandered their own sister Semele and refused to believe her son Dionysus was the son of Zeus. 442 more words

Ancient Greek Literature

Mall of America

The first day on safari was basically a long ride from civilization to the bush.  It was  a long day in the safari truck, with many stops.   150 more words


Queens of Syria

I left the Young Vic after this with a cocktail of feelings that included anger, sympathy, helplessness and guilt. I don’t go the theatre just for entertainment, I also go for learning, understanding and enlightenment and this was all three. 201 more words