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It is a good thing to be rich and a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be loved by many friends.

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33. Alcestis, by Euripides (438 BC)

Plot : The earliest intact play from Euripides, the third of the great classical Greek tragedians.

King Admetus is granted a boon from Apollo to escape an early Fated death if he can find someone to take his place. 573 more words

Ancient Greek Literature

Resurrection folk tales

Éric Rohmer’s Conte d’Hiver / A Winter’s Tale consciously re-works William Shakespeare’s ‘A Winter’s Tale’. As others have remarked it echoes too Dreyer’s Ordet, and, Rohmer, being so well-read, I am sure had Euripides’ ‘Alcestis’ in mind as well. 705 more words

Jason & Medea

I seldom post work other than poetry on this site, but I thought some of my readers might enjoy my short one-acting reworking of Euripides’ … 1,278 more words

Video: Euripides - Choral Song from 'Orestes'

The earliest surviving musical document preserves a few bars of sung music from fifth-century BC tragedian Euripides’ play Orestes. You can see the papyrus fragment below, written around 200 BC in Egypt and called “Katolophyromai” after the first word in the “stasimon,” or choral song. 136 more words


RANT: The Law of Karma



Steelers leave Cincinnati bruised, battered — and alive in AFC playoffs

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Did the “gods of football” deliver Karmic justice to the Cincinnati fans for booing and throwing garbage on Pittsburgh Steeler QB Big Ben when he was taken off injured? 139 more words


Fools and Politicians

“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”     Euripides

Yesterday, the president put forth four executive actions in an attempt to curb the gun violence that plagues our nation. 616 more words