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Euripides? Eumenides!

All Happy Families Are Alike – Part II

The problems of the Meyerowitz clan are small fry compared to what Steven, a successful cardiologist played by Colin Farrell, is up against in… 455 more words


Euripides (c. 484-407 BCE) was one of the greatest authors of Greek tragedy. In 5th century BCE Athens his classic works such as Medeia cemented his reputation for clever dialogues, fine choral lyrics and a gritty realism in both his text and stage presentations. 79 more words


Quotes to Live By 5.14.17

Sorry for missing last week’s Quotes to Live By post. I was traveling and couldn’t find time to post, but to make up for it I have lots of quotes for you today :) 227 more words

Quotes To Live By

What Is The Origin Of (127)?...

Nine days’ wonder

We use this phrase to describe something which grabs attention and then its popularity wanes after a short while – unlike this blog, I hope. 599 more words


45, Medea's rage, & the sinking ship of American culture

“It’s getting dark/too dark to see.”
– Bob Dylan

It pains me to admit, but I continue finding myself caught in the whirlwind of current cultural affairs: forever flabbergasted by the institutionalized American virtue of ignorance; never willing to shake off my disappointment at how it’s all gone so wrong. 3,938 more words


Galaxies have fallen in my cupped hands
I have drunk the stars…

Euripides, from The Bacchae