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A Portfolio Monday

This blog grew out of many experiences working in offices where people were living for Friday (myself included) and the aha! moment I had when I came across the quote: 473 more words


Thrills and chills enough to satisfy the most capricious of gods

Bakkhai – Almeida Theatre, until 19 September 2015 (ticketsthere are still a handful of remaining)

The first notable thing about ‘Bakkhai’, Anne Carson’s new translation of Euripides ancient tragedy, is the missing definite article from the play’s title. 435 more words

Theatre Review

BAKKHAI, Almeida, N1

“Cleverness is not wisdom,” warn the Maenad chorus, as king Pentheus determinedly resists the rise of new god Dionysos’ cult in Thebes. Euripides’ Bacchae tells how the young god returns to his mother Semele’s home city to visit her grave, only to wreak terrible vengeance on Thebes’ young and arrogant king Pentheus, who refuses to respect his godhead. 474 more words


"What's this got to do with Helen?" Four Passages from Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis

“…It isn’t right that
A well-born man change his ways when attempting great deeds:
No, he should at that moment be steadfast, especially to his friends… 141 more words

Changing, slyly...

For instance…

I’ve been rereading The Open Door by Peter Brook; a passage or two at a time, not very earnestly.  I enjoy Brook a great deal.   471 more words



The Almeida Greeks season goes from strength to strength with this second revelatory and intelligent production of Euripides last play, in a version by Anne Carson. 327 more words