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Feeling Old? A Story about Bellerophon Probably Won't Help

Bellerophon is an interesting figure to consider from Greek myth because his story changes over time (and because we have mostly only fragments and hints about his narrative). 981 more words


Skills: Jack of All Trades versus Master Craftsman

“The same man cannot be well skilled in everything; each has his own special excellence.”

Euripides (c.480 BC to 406 BC), from one of his tragedies (Rhesus). 25 more words


HERACLES: *grunts softly*

I grunt whenever I can’t seem to fathom a clear opinion on something. Boybands, herbal teas, the pros and cons of hair masks – ask me my thoughts on any of these, and I’ll you’ll receive is a pig-like grunt. 336 more words

Mother of Dragons - uploaded

Mother of Dragons: the displaced princess in Greek tragedy and Game of Thrones.

Maria Haley draws out the comparisons between Daenerys Targaryen and Medea, both princesses have left their native lands, use magic and command dragons. 71 more words


ELECTRA: I Made Notes!

I haven’t made proper, proper notes on a book since the hell of Of Mice and Men. In all honesty, I thought that I would have a relaxed summer holiday without picking up a pen. 279 more words

HECABE: Get the tissues out

I bawled my way through Hecabe. Tears were streaming down my face for ten minutes, until I realised that Hecabe would go all ‘strong independent woman’ on me and take wonderful revenge on Polymestor. 443 more words

Week 2: the drama of exchange

When Derrida reads Marx, he reads ghosts. He begins with Hamlet, which begins with the spectre of the murdered king, just as The Communist Manifesto  1,088 more words