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ECB preview: Awaiting the credit easing bazooka but several dark clouds persist

This post dissects the Euro Area macro-financial and policy situation in advance of the 2 June ECB meeting. The main points are:

Monetary Policy

Trading the ECB: limited EUR weakness and bund rally likely but risks

My accompanying post details how the return of EA deflation, EA inflation expectations are in the process of de-achoring plus deteriorating EA and foreign activity mean that the 10 March ECB meeting is shaping up to be make or break for EA prospects and ECB credibility. 1,887 more words


G20 meeting: expectations of updated Plaza accord to be disappointed

Market hopes for a Plaza-type agreement at the 26-27 February G20 meeting in Shanghai 26-27 February, to help ameliorate the substantial issues facing the global economy and calm market volatility, have been growing. 3,173 more words


FT Pub Quiz - What has the EU ever done for us?

Remember the line in Monty Python movie ‘Life of Brian’, ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ This can be applied to the question of a British exit from the EU – ‘What has the EU ever done for us?’ Below is an informative video clip from the FT with a bit of humour. 92 more words


ECB under pressure from oil and EUR strength

The early 2016 China-induced financial market volatility, including oil prices hitting twelve-year lows below $30 and sharp equity price falls, reinforces my existing bias to eventual further ECB easing in 2016… 4,164 more words

Monetary Policy

Don't look back in anger: from ECB to Fed via oil weakness

With a week having passed since the ECB’s surprising “hawkish ease” it’s useful to take stock of what it all means for ECB monetary policy, the EA economy and financial markets.  1,395 more words