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ECB Preview: subdued wage and core inflation prospects mean it's too early to tone down forward guidance

This piece argues that, despite recent improved €Area inflation and activity data, Draghi is likely to reiterate a highly-acccommodative ECB policy stance at Thursday’s press conference… 3,244 more words


Trump Towers over €Area political risks: periphery yields and € pressurised

This piece considers the macro-financial implications of the Euro Area’s political risks, in greater market focus following Donald Trump’s election win (which I argued… 2,989 more words


Er komt een tweede brexit referendum, tenzij...

Boris Johnson te snel op het zadel wordt gehesen als nieuwe premier, om als belangrijkste vertegenwoordiger van het Leave-kamp, de exit-gesprekken met de EU te gaan leiden. 514 more words


'Remain' can't advance a single quantifiable, economic reason for staying in the EU: Really?

Today on father’s day the best gift of all was seeing all my children posting powerful pro Remain stories on Facebook. I am glad we brought them up to be be warmhearted Europeans rather than little Englanders.   1,221 more words


ECB preview: Awaiting the credit easing bazooka but several dark clouds persist

This post dissects the Euro Area macro-financial and policy situation in advance of the 2 June ECB meeting. The main points are:

Monetary Policy