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The truth about Riga

It was the 24th of April. The Eurogroup meeting taking place that day in Latvia was of great importance to Greece. It was the last Eurogroup meeting prior to the deadline (30th April) that we had collectively decided upon (back in the 20th February Eurogroup meeting) for an agreement on the set of reforms that Greece would implement so as to unlock, in a timely fashion, the deadlock with our creditors. 599 more words

European Crisis

Immigration - Take A Breath

The Tories won the election UK yesterday. Most pundits had written the conservatives off and at best predicted a minority government. Instead, for yet unexplained reasons, the Conservatives won an outright majority. 588 more words


Germany’s current account surplus - causes and consequences.

Germany’s current account surplus, 7.5% of GDP and forecast to go as high as 7.9%, is causing major problems in the eurozone – see graph below. 363 more words


O'Brien Coin Guide: Irish Euro Proof Sets

These sets are similar to the coins that circulate but are struck on specially produced, highly polished flans (also known as blanks, or planchets).  The Central Bank of Ireland has maintained their conservative approach to the issue of proof sets and, to date, only four sets have been made available for collectors to purchase. 425 more words


Europe is a financial and political powder keg.

The ECB is bluffing a $20 trillion debt market and the Brussels apparatchiks are bluffing 300 million voters.

The EU-19 is marching toward the fiscal wall and even Germany’s surpluses cannot hide the obvious. 129 more words


O'Brien Coin Guide: Irish Euro 1c

The 1 cent euro coin (€0.01) has a value of one-hundredth of a euro and is composed of copper-covered steel. The coins of every Euro country have a common reverse and each has a country-specific (national) obverse. 457 more words


Greece Is Now ‘Lose-Lose Game’

(Bloomberg) — The chances of Greece leaving the euro area are now 50-50 and the country could go “down the drain,” billionaire investor George Soros said. 358 more words