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Catalonia: The Vote that Sets Off the Debt Crisis

Spain’s violent crackdown against the Catalan Independence Referendum ensures events move toward an EU sovereign debt crisis in 2018

Between the violent response of the Spanish government and the results of the referendum itself, yesterday’s events in Catalonia will have far-reaching effects on the long-term health of the European Union. 902 more words


Draghi on Bitcoin – ECB Doesn’t Have The Power … Yet

Don’t let ECB President Mario Draghi’s statements about Bitcoin fool you.  He’s thinking long and hard about it. 

ECB President Mario Draghi is a cagey character.  643 more words


May Forming Government Still Bodes Poorly For Pound

  • Snap elections have backfired on Theresa May.
  • The generational divide in Britain is widening, causing uncertainty.
  • The Pound is set to go much lower in the coming weeks.
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June ECB Preview: Dovish Tinkering

On Thursday the ECB will likely only tinker around the edges of their commentary and forward guidance (see red entries in table below) – such a dovish press conference will likely generate a small euro depreciation and fall and €Area yields.  3,770 more words

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Gold Goats n Guns Podcast Ep.12 -- We'll Never Have Paris

Show Notes:
— Trump Blows up the Paris Accord
— EU will Threaten Protection Tariffs
— Gold, Silver, Euro, Yen, Bonds and Stocks all UP UP and AWAY… 36 more words

Macron's Win A Long Term Sell For The Euro

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  • Emmanuel Macron’s Victory is cheered in Brussels.
  • It will harden the EU’s negotiating stance over Brexit.
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Gold Goats n Guns Podcast Ep.#4 - Le Pen a Winner

Marine Le Pen is a winner regardless of the vote totals today.  She pushed the populist revolt against the technocratic oligarchy of the EU to the breaking point.  14 more words