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Gold Still Not "Ready Player One"

T.S. Eliot had it wrong.  For Gold, April isn’t the cruelest month, March is.  Every year for the past three years we’ve seen a significant rally in gold during the first quarter.  1,173 more words


Private Blog -- Subscriber Q&A: The Fate of the Euro and Pound

I have a new Private Blog post up covering my outlook for the Great British Pound and Euro for the rest of 2018.

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Italy's Results are Truly Forza Italia!

Europe is headed for a breakup.  But, after a year of watching the EU establishment work the polls just enough to maintain the status quo in the Netherlands, France and Germany I wasn’t expecting much from yesterday’s Italian elections. 1,121 more words


Merkel Secures Fourth Term But Trend is Against Her

The results of the Social Democrats’ (SPD) vote are in.  They want to be part of the ruling coalition in Germany.  In the end that is no shock. 1,126 more words


Merkel and Schultz Will Love Germany to Death with Grand Coalition

“While our loving Watchmaker loves us all to death.” — Rush “BU2B”

Politicians are cockroaches who walk upright.

If there was ever an example of political leadership selling out their constituents for their own agendas it is the coalition negotiations happening in Germany right now.

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Forget Stocks, Look at Euro-Bonds They are the Real Problem

I’ve been banging on for months along with Martin Armstrong that the real problem overhanging these markets is not an over-priced U.S. equity market.  That’s a sympton of a much bigger problem. 1,357 more words


Berlusconi, Italeave and How to Checkmate Germany

As the Italian election season heats up it’s clear that Silvio Berlusconi is right where he wants to be.

In the spotlight.

And because of that, his coalition with the Lega Nord (Northern League), while leading in the polls overall isn’t unified on much more than containing the electoral success of Movimiento 5 Stelle (5 Star Movement, or M5S). 1,450 more words