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Around the Globe 06.28.2013

China Bad-Loan Alarm Sounded by Record Bank Spread Jump – Bloomberg.

As the chart illustrates, the 7 Day repo rate has been declining rapidly as the PBOC adds liquidity and jawbones, but the Chinese financial system remains stressed.  621 more words


Around the Globe 06.14.2013

Yen Slump Failing to Stem Japan’s Exodus of Factories Overseas – Bloomberg.

Abenomics has made the round trip.  The Yen has made up all of its losses, and the Nikkei 225 has given up most of its gains since the 2-2-2 plan was announced in early April.  656 more words


Around the Globe 06.04.2013

An Austerity Success Story in Slovenia – Bloomberg.

The article is entitled, “An Austerity Success Story in Slovenia.”  Examine the charts above and tell me where we may find the success.  624 more words