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I counted around 5 to 7 ticks crawling around in my parents’ room tonight. They seemed so aimless, almost in frenzy. I thought, ‘they are missing Euro, too!’ Well they must, he was their source of food. 724 more words

EUR/USD vs. Treasury BETA dynamics

As mentioned last Friday the beta dynamics between EUR/USD and US Treasuries appear to offer real value from a risk/reward perspective (as recommended: short EUR/USD and long US Treasuries). 177 more words

Commodity Currencies: Short-Term Bearish, But Long-Term An Opportunity For A Low Risk And High Reward Play

May 26, 2015

The dollar had an amazing rally over the past year. The recent correction has caused commodity prices and commodity currencies to rally. However, it is likely that the dollar will once again move higher with commodities and the Australian, Canadian and Brazilian currencies resuming their downward path. 92 more words


An "accident" would be the best thing for Greece its people and its economy

Today as on so many days it is fair to say that Greece is the word to misquote the Gibb brothers. The situation seems to stumble on with both sides seemingly unable to comprehend the other as the deadline of June 5th for the next repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gets ever nearer. 1,414 more words

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EUR/USD continues slump, as Yellen expects Fed to hike interest rates

The euro against the dollar on Friday for the fifth time in six sessions

The dollar continued its recent rally against the euro finishing higher against its European counterpart for the first time in five weeks, amid mixed U.S. 50 more words


CFTC - Commitments of Traders: speculators less bearish on EUR, GBP, JPY

CFTC: speculators less bearish on EUR, GBP, JPY, S&P 500; more bullish on Gold, Silver

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission released its weekly Commitments of Traders report for the week ending May 19 on Friday.Speculative positioning in the CME currency, commodity and index futures: LongShort NetPriorChangeGrossChangeGrossChangeEUR-168.3k-179.0k10. 19 more words


Buy Euros Now Even If You Don't Need Them

Back in February, I was planning out my month-long visit to London. I went to my bank’s website to stock up on pounds when I noticed how low the Euro was trading. 325 more words