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News June 30 2015

June 30 to have one second extra than normal

  • What is it?

Year 2015 is not a leap year but it has a leap second ,set to take place on June 30 . 635 more words


Europe’s Attack on Greek Democracy

Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics and University Professor at Columbia University, was Chairman of President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers and served as Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank.  947 more words


The Greek crisis shows that what we need is more Europe, not less

This blog post is a translated and edited version of an article I wrote in Dutch for Het Parool. This English version was first published on the… 716 more words

European Union

New nonpaper by the Greek government, slamming EC President Juncker

The Greek government just released another nonpaper (in the same day!), this time hitting on statements made by President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. You can find the original (in Greek) … 508 more words


'There's something that bothers me...'

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The nonpaper by the Greek government on the Bank Holiday

Earlier today, the Greek government issued a nonpaper that provides answers to what they call as ‘FAQs’ relating to the short-term Bank Holiday imposed, starting today, in the country. 1,160 more words


Greek referendum on creditors' terms

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