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‘Better together?’: Why the EU should understand ‘Brexit’ as a virtue, not a vice

By Johannes Tropper, EST Ambassador to Austria. 

Prime Minister of the UK and head of the Conservative Party David Cameron promised the British electorate to hold a referendum on British membership in the EU. 2,296 more words

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Interwiew with Asia Przybylska, Communication Coordinator at ePanstwo Foundation

ePaństwo Foundation is one of the non-governmental organizations working for an open and transparent government and civic engagement, using the new technologies as their main tool in providing access to public information and encouraging citizens for civil engagement. 776 more words

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Together Against Hate: EST statement on Brussels terror attacks

By Kate Perdikis, President of the European Student Think Tank. The EST Board stands with Perdikis’ statement and shares its solidarity and love with victims of terror. 391 more words

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The inefficiency of corruption

or why corruption does not benefit an economy

By Lisa Mansfeld, head of external relations & media Anti Corruption International Germany and member of the TC development. 586 more words

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The case of Spain

Report from Bruegel on migration to Spain.

“During the first decade of the twenty-first century, Spain experienced one of the largest waves of migration in European history, relative to its population. 340 more words


Making the EU more transparent, accountable and representative

By 1989 Generation Initiative, as part of the Pitching Europe partnership with Campus Europe.

The European Union (EU) is facing a deep political crisis. With increasing pressure coming from the refugee crisis, with an in-or-out referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the EU approaching and with the risk for the Schengen area of dissolving, the EU’s political integration process is once again called into question. 735 more words

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'Euro Crisis Law' before the Court of Justice of the EU

The ways in which Europe’s economy and the Eurozone are governed have changed fundamentally over the course of the Eurozone crisis. The resulting constitutional constellation is nothing less than a deep transformation of the European project. 1,384 more words