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Finland's secular stagnation - a small aside

Edward Hugh wrote a very insightful piece on the state of the Finnish economy, especially seen from the secular stagnation perspective. In my opinion it is a very convincing piece and leads one to seriously question current economic policies (which is also possible on other basis, but this has a longer scope fundament). 787 more words


The ECB confirms the confidence fairy doesn't exist

In this working paper, the ECB studies the ‘confidence effects’ of fiscal consolidation, or what many call austerity politics. There are some ifs and buts but by and large this study confirms what Keynesians warned about: budget cuts in the middle of crisis have great negative effects. 61 more words


Bill Mitchell on the dishonest 'analysis' of the almost-Troika

On his blog. Here, I’d like to share the conclusion (my bold). The whole text is quite dense and in places technical, but worth a read, especially now when in Finland all the major political parties compete over how large budget cuts they intend to make after the elections. 122 more words


Fresh audio product

Now up in my radio archive:

March 12, 2015 Gene Nichol on North Carolina’s war on poor people and on academic freedom • Eilyanna Kaiser and Brendan Michael Conner, respectively co-editor and contributor to  151 more words


Germany: risking its post WW2 modest image for little gain

When it came to foreign policy, the late Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping, advised his countrymen to “keep a low profile and achieve something” by which he meant concentrate on the economy and avoid getting involved in disputes. 677 more words

Tsipras's speech on WWII German War Reparations owed to Greece

Speech of Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on the War Reparations owed by Germany to Greece. The speech was given as part of the Inter-party Parliamentary Committee for Claiming the German Reparations, today, March 10 of 2015.   1,421 more words


Simon Tilford: Debunking German arguments about trade surplus

In this article by Simon Tilford. This has a lot of relevance for me regarding on-going research on the topic of ‘competitivess.’