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Counter-terrorist Democracy: Example of France

By Strahinja Subotić Graduate student of Political Science at Central European University. Finished BA at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science.

Today, terrorism represents one of the main threats for liberal-democracies. 1,895 more words

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What do the Greenpeace TTIP-leaks actually tell us?

By Melle Scholten, MA student of International Relations in Groningen, having previously completed a BA in European Studies in Maastricht. 

Without a whole lot of publicity, Greenpeace released 248 pages of confidential TTIP-negotiation documents this week… 1,288 more words

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Solo travel in Greece during Greek Crisis

Playing around while traveling on my own in Athens during the Greek Crisis this past summer. All the banks were closed, lots of anti-German graffiti.

Frames and framing effects of the media discourse about Turkish Accession to the European Union

By Franca Bätz, student of Communications at the University of Münster.

1. Introduction

“Now more than ever – The EU needs to negotiate again with Ankara“ (Zeit Online, May 12 2014) –  “Europe is not a place for Erdogan’s Turkey” (FAZ, August 12 2014) – “Now the EU explained: we should be seriously concerned about the independence of the Turkish judiciary and the protection of fundamental rights” (Die Welt, October 8, 2014). 5,315 more words

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This is the endgame: The choice Europe faces is between unity and dissolution

By Project for Democratic Union, as part of the Pitching Europe series with Campus Europe.

The European crisis has been long, savage and multifaceted, and from today’s vantage-point there is precious little light to be glimpsed at the end of the tunnel. 672 more words

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‘Better together?’: Why the EU should understand ‘Brexit’ as a virtue, not a vice

By Johannes Tropper, EST Ambassador to Austria. 

Prime Minister of the UK and head of the Conservative Party David Cameron promised the British electorate to hold a referendum on British membership in the EU. 2,296 more words

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Interwiew with Asia Przybylska, Communication Coordinator at ePanstwo Foundation

ePaństwo Foundation is one of the non-governmental organizations working for an open and transparent government and civic engagement, using the new technologies as their main tool in providing access to public information and encouraging citizens for civil engagement. 776 more words

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