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Syriza vs corruption: tracing its stance since 2010

I bumped into a very interesting Greek article today, published in the webzine Epikairo, that gives a good indication of Syriza’s former meddling with anti-corruption and tax evasion legislation. 1,405 more words


#win! Matteo Renzi's first year as Italy's prime minister was great—on Twitter

It’s been a year since Matteo Renzi, the former mayor of Florence, became Italy’s youngest prime minister. The ambitious politician, then just 39, started promised a reform measure every month.He had a 100-day plan, and a 1,000-day plan. 719 more words

GR Political Economy Digest #15

So many things have happened in the past week or so. And so many more are to come until the month is over.

Today, late at night, Syriza will announce its nomination for the new President of the Democracy (PtD) in Greece.  825 more words


Purpose of Research: PIGS

The term “PIGS” was created to describe the four countries (P)ortugal, (I)taly, (G)reece, (S)pain as the nations that were most indebted within the European Union. The acronym was coined by the Financial Times and Barclays Capital in 2010 which sparked some controversy beacuse of its pejorative and derogative meaning. 389 more words


Mr. Tsipras and his Trilemma

Europe- a story of trilemmas-

Recent European Integration features a long series of strategic choice situations where several (three) beneficial policies cannot be pursued simultaneously but only by pairs: known as “trilemmas”, such situations have appeared few times since the inception of the European Union. 1,022 more words

One interpretation: Greek democracy is now dead

Please read this link and the post by Francesco Saraceno that I reblogged. It really seems that the ECB has been extremely political in its decision yesterday. 19 more words