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Quote of the Day - The Power Blocs Will Never Die

Break the power blocs down and they’ll only build themselves up again, he shrugs. It’s human nature.

The Mittani to EuroGamer, Inside EVE Online’s Game of Thrones…

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Best Battlefield Hardline Reviews (Viewpoint)

3.5/5, 6/10, 85/100, A-, there are a lot of reviews on Battlefield Hardline, but should players listen to these reviews? Sources from entertainment to gaming news stations are covering Battlefield Hardline as it came out the other day, a lot of these places gave there review and score on what they thought of their experience. 399 more words


EGX Rezzed; A Breath Of Fresh Air!

Repository affluence is such an underrated necessity. I mean breathing in general is something I’ve always admired. But these simple means of mortality are so often displaced in the oppressive manacles of games exhibitions, which is certainly indicative of Rezzed more extensive sibling, Eurogamer Expo. 585 more words


Hideo Kojima Claims Metal Gear is over 10 times, Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Release Date

The number is 10. Hideo Kojima, industry legend and mastermind behind the Metal Gear series, has said he will do something totally different, something new and original, completely unrelated to the iconic hero who introduced the cardboard box into geek stardom. 466 more words

Bit Trauma

EUROGAMER: The revival of Suikoden 2

“We’ll have to jump for it,” says Jowy Atreides as you stand side-by-side upon the clifftop. Before long, your unscrupulous captain and his Highland Army dissenters will storm the hill and finish you off. 158 more words