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Eurogamer | Even with the Marketing and Malpractice DLC, Big Pharma just isn't evil enough

Medicine is broken. “Drugs are tested by people who manufacture them, in poorly designed studies, on hopelessly small numbers of weird, unrepresentative patients, and analysed using techniques which are flawed by design, in such a way that they exaggerate the benefits of treatments. 77 more words


Kitacon 2016 Review

Kitacon has just finished and what a weekend it’s been. The event was a slight divergent for the ScaryGranules crew, but we’re still pretty glad we attended. 645 more words


Sausage Party

This reference is not from the article we see in the Guardian called ‘Sony announces October release for PlayStation virtual reality headset’ (at http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/mar/15/sony-october-playstation-vr-virtual-reality-headset), it refers to the trailer for a new cartoon, one that is as child friendly as Deadpool is (meaning not child friendly at all), It is the twisted view of food through the cartoon eyes of Seth Rogan (at… 1,799 more words


Another Link Unreal Engine work!

As you may already know, I am a super Zelda series fan, and well yesterday looking online I found yet another video showcasing our best hero of the Nintendo games, yes Link. 67 more words

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Triple-A is the Walrus, and Reality is the Egg-man

Ellie Gibson’s article on eurogamer.com has a title so ridiculous that you can’t help,but read through it. She equates the Triple-A titles of the video game industry to an overstuffed walrus from the Horniman museum. 222 more words

Video Games

EGX 2015

EGX 2015 was the first either of us had visited so we were unsure exactly what it would be like compared to other industry events we’ve been to. 301 more words


Where the gamers no longer go

There is an interesting development in the gaming industry. On the one hand, we see that Ubisoft is still cornering the mediocre side. On the other side we see that Gamespot might no longer be the site to watch. 1,688 more words