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معرفی بازی Life is Strange: Before the Storm

در مصاحبه‌ی اخیر Eurogamer با نویسنده ارشد بازی Life is Strange: Before the Storm آقای Zak Garriss اطلاعاتی از پیشرفت در ساخت و داستان بازی می‌دهد.  47 more words

Ancient Egyptian outing for Assassin's Creed

In a newly-leaked image from Ubisoft, it would appear that “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” has been outed as the next installment in the decade-long series, this time taking place in Ancient Egypt. 189 more words


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Has insane loading times on PS4

Eurogamer has put together a video showcasing the almost five-minute-long loading times in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. A game mind you which was first delayed from January 2017 to April 2017 and then again for another month after that and this is how the developers justify five-minute-long loading times on the PlayStation 4? 314 more words


Want to become a Real-Life Witcher? Here's how! (Videos)

Ready to become a Witcher? I have proof on how you can start with this video~ 268 more words

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SNES Classic Mini To Come This Christmas Says Eurogamer's Sources

Eurogamer have stated that their sources close to Nintendo have confirmed that the Big N will follow up the NES Classic Mini with a micro version of the original NES’ successor, the Super Nintendo. 265 more words


SNES Classic rumored to launch in time for Christmas

According to Eurogamer, who correctly reported on almost every detail about the Nintendo Switch prior to its reveal, Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic because they plan to launch the SNES Classic in time for holiday 2017. 73 more words

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Project Scorpio in Layman's Terms... Sorta :)

Today, something incredible in the world of video games happened. Microsoft unveiled its latest console via the good folks at Digital Foundry. The system boasts improved efficiency, more power and a gaming experience at native 4K. 646 more words