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Game Designer's Notes #0: Introduction

I don’t know about other people, but I have a lot of hobbies. While some people have a one track mind, I find that my interests fly all over the place. 251 more words


Game Over

On July 29 at Ropecon (Role-Playing Convention), to be held at the Helsinki Expo and Exhibition Center, I will take on my Spandex Sapiens arch-rival, the gender-bending… 448 more words


Observations of Finland

I’ll be honest, Finland wouldn’t top my list of Scandinavian countries to visit, but when the Eurogames is being held in Helsinki, you follow the football. 342 more words


Can Prehistory Go Digital? A Comparison between the "Stone Age" App and Physical Game

During the last FIMS Gaming Club meet-up we went prehistoric, and played the classic euro-game Stone Age. Stone Age is a worker placement game for 2-4 players, designed in 2008 by Bernd Brunnhofer, and currently published for distribution in North America by… 590 more words

Fury of Dracula

Over the weekend we decided to try out the latest release of Fury of Dracula. The third edition was recently released by Fantasy Flight games and has received positive feedback. 79 more words

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Events for January 2016

Greet the new year with a bang and come join us for some games and great food.

Bring some friends, or make some new ones at these exciting events! 59 more words

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What are Eurogames?

According to Wikipedia, Eurogames are;

Any of a class of tabletop games that generally have simple rules, short to medium playing times, indirect player interaction and abstract physical components. 

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