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Antihero Impressions

Antihero is a video game that offers the player a chance to test their skills and wits against a rival thieves guild owner over the streets of late 19th century London. 1,592 more words

Cube Pusher

I Can Deal #031: Eurogames... Mostly

We got a fancy new intro tune and guest with a topic. It is time to talk about Eurogames and what they are. Hear what we try to piece together is one of these types of games and then slowly devolve into a discussion about who knows what. 59 more words


Game Designer's Notes #9: Cooperative games

Sometimes trashing your friends repeatedly gets boring, and then you decide to play a cooperative game. You know, where everyone’s on the same team, and the game itself is the enemy. 269 more words


Game Designer's Notes #8: Preventing never-ending games

Everyone knows that one game that takes twenty five hours to play, and every hour is another hour of pain. Two quintessential classics come to mind: … 276 more words


Game Designer's Notes #7: Simplifying mechanics

Someone once told me that NASA spent several million dollars inventing a pen that could write upside down, underwater and in zero gravity so that their astronauts could write in space. 230 more words


Game Designer's Notes #6: Catch-up systems

Catch-up systems. The mechanic that favours the weaker players. This mechanic is a defining feature of European-style games, as it grants every player a winning chance despite early setbacks. 280 more words