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A Game Review (If you love board/card games too, check this out!)

My husband and I are crazy for games. We love them. And we splurge on them. Because they’re wonderful. And instead of vegging in the forms of watching TV or movies, which are not interaction based whatsoever, we’ve decided to invest in games so we can interact with each other doing something we love. 2,657 more words

Thoughts And Criticisms

Dominant Species

Boardgaming Evolved

For a long time there was a divide in the board gaming hobby between Eurogames with their economic designs and dry themes and American games with their more militaristic, aggressive nature. 799 more words




Founded in 1991 following an advert in a gay magazine for like-minded people to play football with, Stonewall FC became the UK’s first gay football club. 24 more words


New Game Weekend: Evolution

This past summer, Evolution garnered a fair amount of attention during its successful Kickstarter campaign which netted over $120,000 on a $10,000 goal. Many gamers were familiar with the game’s producer, … 764 more words

Metropolitan Wargamers

Einfach Genial

I don’t own a copy of Einfach Genial anymore, but thought that it was a fitting title for this post. The Daily Prompt asks “what are you snobbish about?” In true snobbery, my answer is… 633 more words

Daily Prompt

Ticket to Ride: The Gateway Game to an Earlier Era

Note: This is the second in a series in gateway games – the games that take us from Monopoly to bigger games. The biggest ones are Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassonne. 791 more words