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Game Designer's Notes #5: Paths to victory

As I discussed previously, every game has different victory conditions. However, many games, especially points-based games, also have different paths to that victory. Take 7 Wonders… 275 more words


Game Designer's Notes #4: Types of victories

The aim of any game is to win. The question is, of course, how do you do that? Well, that depends on the game, right? Every game has different victory conditions: different conditions you need to fulfill in order to win the game. 245 more words


Game Designer's Notes #3: Types of luck

In the world of gaming, luck isn’t 100% random. Yes, there are some forms that are, like rolling dice, but in most types of gaming, luck actually has some regulation, and there are two I will highlight. 269 more words


Game Designer's Notes #2: Varying luck

Luck. The mechanic that players can’t really control, where results aren’t determined by players’ actions but by chance, most commonly by rolling dice.

Luck gives power to systems rather than players. 260 more words


Game Designer's Notes #1: Elimination

Elimination. The mechanic where players are knocked out of the game by a host of misfortunes. The classics show it all: Monopoly. Risk. Either you’re bankrupted, or your army is bulldozed. 274 more words


Game Designer's Notes #0: Introduction

I don’t know about other people, but I have a lot of hobbies. While some people have a one track mind, I find that my interests fly all over the place. 251 more words


Game Over

On July 29 at Ropecon (Role-Playing Convention), to be held at the Helsinki Expo¬†and Exhibition Center, I will take on my Spandex Sapiens arch-rival, the gender-bending… 448 more words