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Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (Ferrante)

Lina and Elena are older now, and choices have consequences both in personal and political situations. They are growing up, and though they both find their ways to try to escape – Naples, relationships, family, etc. 172 more words


my brilliant friend by elena ferrante

I gobbled My Brilliant Friend down in a very short amount of time in order to finish it for a book club discussion only for the discussion to be moved, leading me to wish I had spent a bit more time digesting this book as I read. 646 more words

Book Review

The Red Collar by Jean-Christophe Rufin

This short novel is from Europa Editions, a publisher I’ve praised on the blog many times for bringing terrific international fiction to American readers. When I ordered  438 more words

Book Review: Chantel Acevedo's The Distant Marvels

Christopher’s book review of The Distant Marvels from author Chantel Acevedo, appears in The Brooklyn Rail.

From the Europa Editions website: “The story of a lifetime told in the eye of a hurricane. 186 more words

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The Brotherhood of Book Hunters by Raphaël Jerusalmy, tr. Howard Curtis

Title: The Brotherhood of Book Hunters
Author:   Raphaël Jerusalmy
Translator:   Howard Curtis
Publisher: Europa Editions, New York (2014)
ISBN: 978 1 60945 230 8

The eighteenth century romance novel tradition with its lush descriptions of landscapes and settings is  just one of  the many threads Raphaël Jerusalmy weaves into a novel which features the 15th century French poet and rogue Francois Villon, a real-life figure with a shadowy historical record.   996 more words


Lazarus is Dead

“In churches observing the Byzantine Rite, Lazarus Saturday is a leading religious festival. Bright colours are used for vestments and the Holy Table, and uniquely in the Christian year, the standard order of service for a Sunday can be celebrated on a different day of the week. 799 more words

Book Review

The Story of a New Name (Ferrante)

I am still not sure how she does it, but Ferrante absolutely draws me into this neighborhood of Naples in which the web of people and history makes every action, no matter how small, one that has ripple effects throughout the whole community. 182 more words