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What does Merkel want from Trump?

With a bit of exaggeration, but is the upcoming meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump a meeting of the leader of liberal world order with the leader of illiberal world order? 1,056 more words


Time to stop playing games?

Yesterday morning, at about ten to twelve, the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, fired the starting pistol on the race to a second referendum on Scottish Independence. 1,095 more words

Scottish Independence

Dutch election and Russia's influence: What is going on?

How big is the topic of possible Russian influence in the campaign before the Dutch election, any indications that there are some attempts from foreign actors to influence the elections? 448 more words


Is blocking Turkey's officials from campaigning in Europe a blessing for Erdogan?

As the Dutch government withdrew Turkey’s FM Mevlut Cavusoglu’s travel permission it seems that EU-Turkey relations are deteriorating further every day. So in you opinion, what’s next, is it possible to continue like this or do expect some dramatic development from one or both sides? 485 more words


Pros and cons of multi-speed EU

Two-speed EU or multi-speed EU has been to a certain degree a reality for some time. But it seems it is to many also the preferable scenario for the EU future. 2,767 more words


Dutch election: Will Wilders score and what could this mean?

It seems that PM Mark Rutte’s VVD and Geert Wilders’ PVV will fight for the first place in the upcoming election that takes place on March 15. 1,210 more words


French election 2017: who will win Le Pen, Fillon or Macron?

France will elect a new president with voting in April and May, in what is set to be an unpredictable and closely fought battle between traditional and ‘outsider’ candidates. 790 more words

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