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Brexit, Project Fear and why another Scottish independence referendum could be a long way off.

The latest report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, forecasting years of additional austerity if Britain votes to leave the European Union, has uncannily similarities with the one it published during the Scottish independence referendum – right down to the former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling saying it makes the case for remaining in the union unanswerable. 1,153 more words

Green President Van der Bellen: Will his victory change green (left) politics in Europe?

There were many discussions that if populist right candidate Norbert Hofer would win presidential election in Austria what kind of impact it may have on far-right in Europe. 939 more words


Austria: Will Van der Bellen's victory affects green, less traditional left parties?

There were many discussions that if populist right candidate Norbert Hofer will win presidential election in Austria what kind of impact it may have on far-right in Europe. 649 more words


Cyprus parliamentary elections: The microcosmos of Europe?

A low turnout, less votes for big parties, far-right in the parliament. Looks like that Cyprus parliamentary vote was a microcosm of what is happening almost everywhere. 545 more words


Hofer vs Van der Bellen: Who has a better chance of becoming Austria's president?

If you look at the short period of time between the first and second round of presidential election which candidate was in your opinion more effective in sending the message to supporters and especially to undecided voters and what was the main message of Norbert Hofer and his rival Alexander Van der Bellen? 259 more words


Sending a message? Montenegro will be NATO’s 29th member

It is “just” a relatively small Montenegro but still it is another enlargement for NATO as the accession protocol was signed. What does it mean for both sides, for the Alliance and for Montenegro, especially if we take into account current geopolitical situation? 584 more words


Merkel is losing popularity. A sign of normalization?

According to INSA’s poll 64 percent of Germans think that Chancellor Angela Merkel should not run for a fourth term. Usually people say that Merkel is losing popularity because of the refugee crisis. 228 more words