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French election 2017: who will win Le Pen, Fillon or Macron?

France will elect a new president with voting in April and May, in what is set to be an unpredictable and closely fought battle between traditional and ‘outsider’ candidates. 790 more words

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Merkel vs Schulz: Their strengths and weaknesses

It seems that Martin Schulz might be able to re-energised SPD, SocDems even beat CDU/CSU in one poll after a very long time.  What is his biggest advantage and the biggest weakness when facing Angela Merkel? 882 more words


Migration, Trump... What to expect from EU Malta Summit and beyond

My interview with Professor Roderick Pace, Director of the Institute for European Studies and Jean Monnet Chair, University of Malta. 1,073 more words


Migration and Libya: What will/should EU do at Malta Summit?

According to media reports the EU leaders at Malta summit will study also the possibility of sending migrants back to Libya. In general how do you assess EU approach toward migration crisis in Central Mediterranean? 1,884 more words


The European centre-left faces several challenges

In various European countries more traditional left wing parties (British Labour, French Socialists, German SPD) lack in the polls. This, of course, didn’t happen overnight. So what is your view, does European centre-left have a problem? 1,347 more words


EP President election: What is different now and does it matter?

We are in kind of unusual situation when we do not know who will be the next President of the European Parliament. How do you read the fact that this time there is no agreement among the biggest groups, do you think it may have some effect on the EU, on institution and their work? 731 more words