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The Awkward Neighbour

Once upon a time there was a village. Its history was based on a story about a deity in the skies and a cow in the pastures. 380 more words

Short Reads

European rainforest

The largest national park in the European Union is in South America.

No, that’s not a typo. The European Union currently has 28 member states, and all of them are primarily in the continent of Europe. 203 more words


A Neo-Nazi Quartet In Hong Kong?

The global media are full of pictures posted by four infamous Ukrainian Nazis, which they posted on their Social Media accounts, posing with Chinese rioters, clad in black, in front of the PLA building in Hong Kong, the Polytech University, and the Riot Police! 437 more words


Port, Porto, Portugal

Have you ever wondered where Port wine came from? Well, it’s right here in Porto, northern Portugal. Oh, you knew and it’s just me? Well now I feel stupid. 405 more words