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Boris 'Ireland? Isn't that just some made-up place like Neverland and Camelot?'

    Ireland according to Boris

With just five months to go before Britain leaps off a cliff into the terrifying abyss of the unknown and a no-deal Brexit, the vexatious issue of Ireland’s border has consistently refused to resolve itself. 256 more words

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Finding Structure and Staying in Awe

The study portion of my study abroad has finally commenced. My first week of classes has come and gone without much incident, and after so much time feeling like I’m on one long vacation, it’s nice to get some structure and routine. 532 more words


Olli Rehn and the Phillips curve

Olli Rehn claimed yesterday the Phillips curve has made a return. Plotting the original Phillips curve formula (wages equal the wages trend minus the unemployment rate, that implies wage growth is lower the highest the unemployment rate) and the preferred inflation measure for Europe… 8 more words


One Day Road Trip Around La Gomera

To truly experience La Gomera one should travel around the island, experiencing the different landscapes. In just one day it is possible to drive or hike through palm-filled valleys and deep ravines, across black sand beaches, into ancient forests and visit the traditional hamlets of the island… [click to read more]


Things to do in Ljubljana

On my way home from Italy, I thought I might as well take a little detour into Slovenia. I mean, it’s right next to it, so why not right? 719 more words


Cappadocia – A Turkish Delight

The journey to Cappadocia from Dubai was far from glamorous. It started with a 4.5 hour flight from Dubai to Istanbul on the most budget airline I’ve ever flown (yes we knew that it was going to be basic because it was so cheap but seriously, it made Ryan Air seem like Emirates Business Class!) Anyway… we arrived in Istanbul and had a few hours to kill before boarding our next flight to Kayseri Erkilet International (ASR). 1,736 more words


I moved to Paris y'all!

I’ve never imagined leaving my southern life in France for the northern french life. I have nothing against northern lifestyle. It’s just that I’ve been growing up in a calm, medium paced life down south for the past 5 years. 420 more words