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Immigrants with no second language? That’s true Britishness

The British attitude towards language is one of the reasons we’d be hopeless at terrorism



The Lent season began this Wednesday February 11th, and I gave up being negative. I noticed that I complain about minor things and I am actually pretty fortunate to be studying abroad right now so I figured I should start being more positive with my life and embrace everything. 124 more words

Crested Newt (genus Triturus)

I don’t usually think of newts of having decorations beyond colourful patterns — fun crests and horns are, in my mind, reserved for lizards, not amphibians. 473 more words

Reptiles And Amphibians

From Arnhem to Antwerp

**For those of you who want to use the pictures off my blog to show family members, etc., please forward people to my blog instead! It is a lot more insightful and I get more hits ;) 1,184 more words


The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach

Recently I went into a bakery to get our daily bread. The woman who served me seemed in a somewhat down-trodden mood. After I had ordered my bread she offered me some jelly-doughnuts in honour of Fastnacht. 731 more words

Otley Chevin Forest Park

This is my first ever walk this year after a foot injury in November. Hurrah!

I shouldn’t be actually going for strenuous walk as my foot hasn’t fully recovered yet, but I was feeling depressed for being stagnant for two months. 331 more words

Morena's Travel

DJ Storys. Und alte Flyer.

Wer mich schon länger kennt, weiß, dass ich zwischen 2002 und 2010 recht fleißig als DJ quer durch ganz Europa getoured bin. Ich war eigentlich fast immer als Headlinerin oder Co-Headliner gebucht auf den Partys, auf denen ich gespielt habe. 396 more words