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Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia

This Roman Catholic church is better known to tourists as the Barcelona Cathedral. Completed in 1913, the facade gives off an old fashion, yet modern, look. 161 more words


BOURSE: Atelier Mondial

date limite: 6 juin 2016

13 bourses pour une résidence à neuf destinations internationales et 1 bourse de voyage pour des artistes professionnels dans le domaine des arts plastiques. 30 more words


Silence of the Lamb

Something very unusual is happening in politics. All political parties are undergoing a transformation as a result of the European debate – and this has even penetrated to North Norfolk. 374 more words


PhD break in Rome - Second day, andiamo!

Hi all! Here I am continuing my days in Rome series back to back! If you like walking and don’t mind being in Rome with 30ºC and want to see as many things as possible, you may find this daily route useful. 2,252 more words

Pulgarita Traveled To...

Jesus wept! That's a big cross!

After being mistaken for a famous Macedonian saint and worshipped by millions I decided my new-found role as a religious leader (and heartthrob) demanded some research, so what better place to go than the biggest Christian cross on the planet? 710 more words