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Weekend in Prague 

Last week, I booked an impromptu trip to Prague. I found out I had a 3 day weekend and with my birthday coming up, I figured it was a good time to treat myself. 1,275 more words

European Adventures


Hola! from Toledo, Spain –  not Toledo, Ohio (although one of the street names were Calle de Toledo de Ohio).

One of the best parts about living in Europe is the ease of travel! 888 more words

Life goes on...

Nine months since a blog post – it is crazy how time flies! I promise I’ve not been neglecting my #scicomm duties, there’s been plenty of sightseeing, and a fair amount of cooking too. 804 more words

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Two New Scotians Tour the Retro Version!


It’s time to fill you in on my recent trip to Scotland! Scotland, Edinburgh specifically, was my intended destination when I first moved over here before fate whisked me away to Cheltenham. 1,060 more words

European Adventures

Paradise and the Promised Land: Champion’s League returns to Parkhead

At a time when there is the genuine possibility of European football’s elite clubs forming a ‘closed-doors’ super league, it is more important than ever for big clubs in smaller nations to qualify for the Champion’s League proper, be as competitive as possible and show UEFA that they belong there.  1,141 more words


Walkabout in the Land of Austen

Lost (ost ost ost) in (in in in) Kent (ent ent ent)

Online profiles often say they like long walks (mostly romantic ones on the beach), but when you have no clue where you are or where you are going, and yet still have a time limit, the entire thing can be not so enjoyable. 1,202 more words

European Adventures

Week 4: The Beginning of the End

Keep reading to hear about my trip to Lisbon and the final week of my study abroad program! I am so happy and grateful for this experience and that y’all are interested in hearing about it! 862 more words

European Adventures