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How to Plan Your European Travels Without Losing Your Mind and Your Money

At the request of one of my flat mates, I am going to focus this post on the intricacies of actually planning your travels, as I have been discovering them recently myself. 1,602 more words

Study Abroad

A tale of Two Cities: Leuven and Bouillon

Salut all! Betcha didn’t think I’d get back to you so fast huh? That’s what happens when you get an overachiever in the driver’s seat and a little bit of down time. 1,939 more words


Seek out Adventure and Avoid the Mundane

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a while hasn’t it? It’s funny, I never expected that life over here would settle down. Or maybe not settle down, but become routine. 270 more words


My Favourite things about Poland

With just 4 full days left in Poland, I thought it was probably time to show it some love, and reflect back on what a great time I’ve had. 609 more words


My Best Friend comes to Warsaw!

Last week I had one of the best weekends ever as my amazing best friend Leanna came all the way to visit me in Warsaw. I’d been feeling a bit low missing home and stuff, so it was exactly what I needed to pick me back up again. 466 more words


Valentine's Weekend in Gdansk

So my lovely boyfriend surprised me by visiting me in Gdansk for Valentine’s Day (and when I say ‘surprised’, I really mean ‘told me two weeks before’, as I’m really not a fan of surprises). 385 more words


Just a little bit of everything

Work, go out, meet cool people, study, become an MEP, it’s all in a week’s work.

Monday: Story Safari

Monday was a day of story hunting. 910 more words