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Cornwall, England

I finally had a chance to visit my friend in Cornwall this April. Although it was only a few days, it was well worth the 5+ hour train journey from London, Paddington to the Southwest most corner of England. 605 more words

European Adventures

Opening a Bank Account in France

Long before moving to France, Steve and I were customers of a worldwide bank, which simplified having accounts in the USA and the UK. As we began to look ahead to retiring to France, we asked the bank to open an account for us at their French affiliate. 762 more words



This summer, students in my graduate program will have the opportunity to study abroad in Lugano, Switzerland. I’m actually able to go on this trip thanks to family and friends who have contributed to purchasing my plane ticket. 58 more words


Going away for a period of time for school can seem daunting to some. While to others it seems like the greatest adventure. For me, it was my greatest adventure and I hope that by sharing my experiences through this blog, I have inspired others to step out and create their own travel experiences. 506 more words


I realize now that I probably should have combined my posts about Bruges and Amsterdam. First reason being that my time in Bruges was so short there is not much I could elaborate on. 484 more words


I’m not one for guided tours of places just because when I’m in a new place I like to explore on my own without worrying about a schedule or losing my group and being left behind. 684 more words


So I think I’ve mentioned it before but I studied abroad in London and I have yet to get over it. With that, recently I went back with a couple of friends for spring break and it was nothing short of an adventure. 778 more words