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Slovenia exposed

You know how when you’re really stressed, have a ton of homework to do and just need some peace and quiet?  Well, Ben does.  He and all of his classmates have an endless list of things to do/ memorize/ type/ print/ organize/ illustrate/ learn.   529 more words


Paris' cool corner: Canal St-Martin

The story of Paris in the years post 2010 should not be left to nostalgists to tell. For a start, Woody Allen has been there and done that with a bigger budget and a better soundtrack than anyone else could bring to the table.  621 more words

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Hipster places to eat and drink in Paris

Whenever I discover I’m going somewhere — anywhere — the first thing I do is work out where I’m going to eat. I read travel articles, guidebooks, local food blogs, listicles… pretty much anything that will point me in the direction of a city/town/country’s super foods. 1,574 more words

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European Adventures and Sweet Homecomings

My apologies for the long break in between posts. I spent three weeks traveling around Europe, and then when I got home there was so much catch-up to be done and so many essays to turn in that I sort of lost track of everything else. 1,480 more words

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You've Got Mail!

Things we take for granted – such as receiving a letter. The first time we realised that we did not have a mailing address was when we went to Darty, a major appliance retailer, to order a washing machine. 503 more words


European Adventure: Part V Trailer

I’m so incredibly excited about this year’s European Adventure. Start tuning in on May 11 to read about our daily adventures in Europe. Take a sneak peek below! 10 more words

European Adventure