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Just a little bit of everything

Work, go out, meet cool people, study, become an MEP, it’s all in a week’s work.

Monday: Story Safari

Monday was a day of story hunting. 910 more words


Long Overdue: Settling In

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about my life abroad. When I found the opportunity to start this blog over a year ago, I was submerged into a new mentality, where I traveled constantly and was a little anxious when I wasn’t on my feet and exploring another country. 353 more words

General Menus

Cheers! Day 1 in London

Cheers from London! We arrived in London early in the afternoon, and since we didn’t have European SIM cards yet, we enjoyed visiting with some helpful locals while trying to find our room! 125 more words


Hostel Etiquette for the Respectful Traveler

Anyone traveling Europe on a budget is familiar with the hostel. There are certain things that one ought to remember when sleeping in an enclosed space with possibly up to 20 other travelers, and this is my list, taken from my own experiences. 506 more words

Study Abroad

Protests, pastries and oh so many stairs

Hey loves,

Another week, another blog, here we go!

Monday: First ULB class

Monday was nothing exciting at work, but it was the first day of our class here at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB.) Class was nothing fancy, just your run of the mill syllabus day- and yes, unfortunately they make you introduce yourself and your hobbies here as well. 2,126 more words


My Weekend in Berlin!

So last week I met up with my boyfriend in Berlin…as you do. I’d always wanted to go to Germany, and as it’s so cheap to travel from Poland, it seemed like the perfect opportunity! 753 more words


Examinations and Travel Plans

So I have been immersed in exams for weeks. Literally. The examination period here is three weeks for some reason. Probably because they want to torture us. 635 more words