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Emas Rebound, Kembali Ditutup di Atas $1.200/oz

bobnews – Harga emas rebound dan memangkas sebagian besar kerugian di awal pekan, untuk kembali ditutup di atas level $1.200 seiring eskalasi ketegangan di Timur Tengah… 114 more words


Job & traineeship opportunities at European Central Bank

The European Central Bank is currently offering traineeships for translators in Finnish, Greek, Maltese, Portuguese, and Swedish; a traineeship for a German lawyer-linguist; and a post as lawyer-linguist with Maltese as main language and English legal editing skills. 42 more words


Greeks creak as the ECB squeezes the banks again

If this were a submarine drama like, say, Wolfgang Petersen’s epic “Das Boot”, then we’d be at that point where the crippled sub is lying silently on the seabed, creaking ominously under the pressure of the water while the mechanics try to effect that miracle rescue. 548 more words


Greece faces a cash crunch just as the Euro area is awash with liquidity

It was only on Friday that Greece was the subject of the analysis on this website and it is a sign of the times that it has pushed itself to the top of the agenda yet again. 1,483 more words

Quantitative Easing And Extraordinary Monetary Measures