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Unpayable debts and an existential EU financial crisis - Is the break-up of the euro now inevitable?

Central banks can go bust in a currency union. The Bank of Italy is flirting with danger, racking up €364bn in ECB liabilities that the Italian state cannot easily cover… 164 more words

Eurozone growth at highest pace in six years


© AFP | The eurozone economy grew at its fastest pace in six years in February

BRUSSELS (AFP) – The eurozone economy grew at its fastest pace in six years in February, as all signs pointed to the recovery maintaining “strong momentum,” a closely watched surved showed Tuesday. 322 more words

The ECB imposes a new strategy on the management of NPLs: a first analysis of the "Draft Guidance to Banks on Non-performing Loans"

Daria Sartori, PhD, Trainee Lawyer, Mercanti Dorio e Associati; Giulia Ferrari, PhD, Attorney-at-Law, Mercanti Dorio e Associati


In general terms, non-performing loans (NPLs) are bank loans which are considered as unlikely to be paid back because of the debtor’s delay in paying the agreed instalments or interest for a certain amount of time. 1,774 more words

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Stratfor: can Europe's banks break free from their doom loop?

Summary: Banks are the financial heart of modern nations, and Europe’s are in trouble. One of its greatest, Deutsche Bank, has severe problems. Here Stratfor looks at the perilous state of Europe’s banks, looked in a doom loop by their holdings of government bonds. 720 more words


Euro flatten

While one realizes that Epoch Times is a Falun Gong paper, and hence associated with promotion of a particular anti-Chinese Communist perspective, articles may be separated from such context. 165 more words

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EU's financial threats to 'euro-quitters' could also threaten UK and Brexit

The EU leaders are now trying to bully member states into staying by demanding that if they leave the Euro, all their debts must be settled in full, immediately. 435 more words