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Key U.S. economic information leaked out ahead of its official release, European Central Bank study alleges


Market Watch

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has previously weighed in on the issue of the release of economic data. 399 more words

Stratfor: Germany and ECB Face Off. Better than any WWF fight.

Summary: The monetary experiments central banks are running in Japan, Europe, and America will shape the global economy of the 21st century — no matter what the result. 1,796 more words


Inflation is the Goal… and Central Banks Will Stop at Nothing to Get It!

By Graham Summers – Re-Blogged From Phoenix Capital Research

The markets are prepping for the next massive round of QE.

As I noted earlier this week, NIRP has been entirely ineffective at generating Central Bankers’ desired “inflation.” The ECB has cut rates into NIRP four separate times only to find itself with 0% inflation. 212 more words

GDP & Employment

SYRIZA Completes Mission Impossible, Grows Economy Despite Troika's Third Memorandum

Below is a translated transcript of the interview above interview:

Stamatis Giannisis, Euronews: “Prime minister, the data Eurostat published on the performance of the Greek economy are better than anticipated, but you still have a long and arduous way ahead. 631 more words

Political Assessment

ECB’s Mario Draghi pledges loose policy ‘as long as needed’ in face of German backlash

FRANKFURT — European Central Bank President Mario Draghi brushed off German criticism of his ultra-loose monetary policy on Thursday and vowed to use all the tools at his disposal for “as long as needed.” 475 more words