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climate's 'wall of reality' blows engine ... 'winter of discontent'

Following on from examples by Australia and Canada, German media blows up over climate policy reality, citing ‘trickery’ and ‘giant failure’ of the European Climate movement. 100 more words


Toulouse in the sunshine; what a wonderful place to be.

After months of waiting it has finally happened; there is actually some sun and good weather in Toulouse. A large part of the reason that I chose Toulouse as the location of my current cash stop is it is renowned for having good weather from early in the season and for being rather warm. 916 more words

U.S. Shale Gas Meets European Climate Change Policy

Economists are suckers for a good paradox. Few things are more intellectually appealing to the practicing economist than a result which runs counter to his or her immediate intuition. 24 more words

Climate: Cold European winters linked to low solar activity

Historic records reveal statistical link between sunspots and regional climate cycles

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — German scientists say they’ve established a statistical link between solar activity and the climate in Europe by tracking times when the Rhine River froze over. 941 more words


Maybe Ben Franklin Was Wrong

First published on the Earth Institute website on April 4, 2011.

The eruption of the Laki volcano in Iceland in 1783-84 set off a cascade of catastrophe, spewing sulfuric clouds into Europe and eventually around the world. 511 more words