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Why Facebook Is Trying So Hard to Fight Fake News in Europe

After deleting more than 30,000 fake accounts before the recent French election, Facebook is now engaged in a very similar campaign in Britain, where it is eliminating thousands of fake accounts and warning users about the problem of fake news… 767 more words


The first priority for Liverpool Lib Dems is Europe

Liverpool Lib Dems will fight to keep this flag flying in Liverpool alongside the Union Flag and the English St George Cross

There’s an old joke going round that when Brummies answered the question, “which is the second city of England?” they said Birmingham. 856 more words


On the thickness of things.

That all things, at least those belonging to the real world, have a certain thickness… is a truism.

Yet so often we ignore this evidence and relate only to the appearance we are looking at. 1,086 more words

Choices We Make

Nobel Prizes against le Pen!

“Certains d’entre nous, lauréats du prix Nobel d’économie, ont été cités par des candidats à l’élection présidentielle française, notamment par Marine Le Pen et ses équipes, pour ­justifier un programme politique sur la question de l’Europe.

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The Brexit.

The British have abandoned the European community, but you can not blame them since the last 15 years the states belonging to the European Community no longer have an economy.


March for Europe: The Changing Face of the EU #EU60 #StandUpForEurope

On Saturday I stood at Place Luxemburg facing the European Parliament with a few friends for the ‘March for Europe’ rally. I had made my placard the night before, knowing with complete certainty what the message I wanted to write was and of course it was going to be about Northern Ireland, Brexit and the Border. 1,425 more words