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The eternal fairy tale of the rich who deceives the poor.

Some important people say to European citizens that austerity is needed to have a better future: in short, they deprive themselves of enjoying life, limiting themselves to struggling to survive. 34 more words

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Russell Bretherton, Brussels 1955 - right place, wrong man. When we lost control.

As we enter August, it is worth reflecting on what Russell Bretherton was doing 62 years ago. He was a civil servant at the Board of Trade who was sent to the negotiations for the creation of the European Community in the Summer of 1955. 918 more words


Summer in the European community.

Summer is a hymn to joy, sun and clear skies make you want to climb mountains, visit strange places and meet new cultures.

Then you remember that you live in the European community and now, thanks to the euro, you do not even have your pocket money for the ticket to access the freeway, let alone for the car gas and anyway few privileged ones can have a car . 66 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

Why Facebook Is Trying So Hard to Fight Fake News in Europe

After deleting more than 30,000 fake accounts before the recent French election, Facebook is now engaged in a very similar campaign in Britain, where it is eliminating thousands of fake accounts and warning users about the problem of fake news… 767 more words


The first priority for Liverpool Lib Dems is Europe

Liverpool Lib Dems will fight to keep this flag flying in Liverpool alongside the Union Flag and the English St George Cross

There’s an old joke going round that when Brummies answered the question, “which is the second city of England?” they said Birmingham. 856 more words


On the thickness of things.

That all things, at least those belonging to the real world, have a certain thickness… is a truism.

Yet so often we ignore this evidence and relate only to the appearance we are looking at. 1,086 more words

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