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East v West Germany

Many, many years have passed rapidly and without any of us knowing, here we are anchored to a new 28-year-old present, since the fall of communist and dictatorial regimes in Europe. 763 more words


Bored with your country?

If your answer is yes, here’s a simple refresh to add to your knowledge if you’re an EU citizen. The EU treaty voted by all member states, clearly established our liberty to move, work and live in any of the member states. 684 more words


“EUROPE : COMMUNITY OR EMPIRE?” a path-breaking historical book by Franck Biancheri (1992)

“Community or empire: up to the European citizen to decide!”

Written by Franck Biancheri in 1992 in the period of the Maastricht Treaty negotiations, this path-breaking historical book is a key-work to understand the paths and the crossings that took Europe for more than 25 years. 1,007 more words


PM2 Project Management Methodology

PM² Project Management Methodology Guide

Open edition

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PM² is a Project Management Methodology developed and supported by the European Commission. Its purpose is to enable project teams to manage their projects effectively and deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations and stakeholders. 166 more words

Project Management

#Brexit is about equality, fairness and freedom, not xenophobia or stupid racism.

Remainers claim Brexiters are stupid, racist, and anti-cosmopolitan. But the Remainers can be turned on their heads, it is they who are the not so bright, ethically dubious anti-cosmopolitans.  1,271 more words

The eternal fairy tale of the rich who deceives the poor.

Some important people say to European citizens that austerity is needed to have a better future: in short, they deprive themselves of enjoying life, limiting themselves to struggling to survive. 34 more words

Diary Of Thoughts

Russell Bretherton, Brussels 1955 - right place, wrong man. When we lost control.

As we enter August, it is worth reflecting on what Russell Bretherton was doing 62 years ago. He was a civil servant at the Board of Trade who was sent to the negotiations for the creation of the European Community in the Summer of 1955. 918 more words