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Brexit or stay?

For my UK readers…You think you know what it means to stay in Europe? It is nothing to do with being able to survive as a nation outside of Europe, the fear of losing work, financial losses et al. 143 more words


I think now the third world war is coming and in fact we can not go back.

Thanks to the European community or the financial dictatorship of Germany which lies behind the European community: the desperation of people to whom you have taken away the chance to have a life in the name of austerity, turns people who no longer have anything to lose into human bombs.
And this is evolution?


We should have known better.

Modern England was shaped by a bunch of ‘French immigrants’ led by William II of Normandy. In the following centuries England and France fought each-other bitterly, 398 more words

Choices We Make

EU History 12 - Why the UK didn't join the European Community in 1957

Unlike with the creation of the ECSC, the UK took part in the talks that created the European Community in 1957, at least for a few months. 734 more words


Brexit Vote

By Alasdair Macleod – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister, has negotiated terms with the other EU member states, which he feels justified to put to voters in an in/out referendum called for 23rd June. 1,669 more words

GDP & Employment

It has to stop

I was scared
You held my hand
But then the water came
I lost you
You were gone
And in the noise I called
But you didnt come… 132 more words

Irish Writer

The state we are in

The state is the United Kingdom, but what is the state of the UK?
The daily tabloid newspapers recently carried the story of how Charles Windsor has been covertly receiving top-secret Cabinet papers for decades. 1,184 more words