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Brilliant legal decisions from European courts

The Court seems to have begun to manifest a certain judicial reserve in morally sensitive issues. While the Court had become one of the favourite playgrounds of “ultra-liberal ideological” activism, especially with regard to bioethics and sexuality, it seems to be re-discovering that the moral and ethical values underlying societies are worthy of respect.

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A "Right to a Child", no matter how...

As we learn from the website of the ECLJ, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is going to hear another complaint that will offer it yet another welcome occasion to use misguided “anti-discrimination” arguments to push its sinister agenda of fabricating a “Right to a Child” for all and everyone, including those who by nature could never have one. 736 more words

Conference on Mass Migrations and the Rule of Law

Conference on the impact on mass migration on the local, regional, national and EU governance is organized by the Institute of Public Administration, Croatia, in collaboration and with the support from the Research Committee 05 Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics (IPSA), the Research Committee 32 Public Policy & Administration (IPSA), the Faculty of Law, Study Centre for Public Administration and Public Finances, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia and takes place between 11-14 May 2017 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

European Court Of Human RIghts

The newest "human right" sought by the LGBT-lobby: lesbian cross-fertilization

There appears to be no perversion of sex and human procreation that the LGBT-lobby will not seek to promote – and in which they would not expect the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to happily lend a hand. 241 more words



On 13 May 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) made a ruling in the case Google Spain SL, Google Inc. v Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos (AEPD) and Mario Costeja Gonzalez (Case C-131/12) 1,078 more words


ECtHR condemns Russia to compensate terror victims .... but on what basis exactly?

In today’s Chamber judgment in the case of Tagayeva and Others v. Russia , the ECtHR ordered Russia to pay compensation of 3 million Euro to 409 Russian nationals who had either been taken hostage and/or injured in the incident, or are family members of those taken hostage, killed or injured. 452 more words

European Court Of Human Rights

France: Court Ruling On Transgender Rights To End Forced Sterilisation

A human rights court ruling, against France, has been hailed by transgender activists as a milestone, in their bid to stop forced sterilisation in Europe. 351 more words