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How to Resolve the Crisis of Constitutional Democracy in Central Europe?

In the constitutional democracy, all of the three elements of democracy: input and output legitimacy and the political process through which they are connected, have to take place within the framework of the rule of law. 401 more words

European Court Of Human RIghts

Snooper's charter becomes law

Dark day for democracy and free speech.  Government gets ‘the most extreme powers ever’

The Investigatory Powers Bill became law this week and it is a dark day for democracy, not just in the UK, but the signal it gives to the rest of the world.  923 more words


"Making sovereign financing and human rights work" now available in paperback

Poor public resource management and the global financial crisis curbing fundamental fiscal space, millions thrown into poverty, and authoritarian regimes running successful criminal campaigns with the help of financial assistance are all phenomena that raise fundamental questions around finance and human rights. 205 more words

European Court Of Human RIghts


Was ever anything more talked about and less known? There are several schools of Sharia, largely in agreement with each other since they are all based on the same scriptures. 154 more words

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Protecting war crimes will not make a safer world


The recent government announcement that British soldiers would be protected from lawsuits launched under European Court of Human Rights is a heavy blow to the rule of law, and will make it ever more difficult to seek accountability for abuse. 864 more words

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ECtHR to consider Right to Education

The LRC have been granted leave to intervene at the European Court of Human Rights, in a matter against the government of Hungary. The case of… 751 more words

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Asking Too Much: Why Regional Human Rights Courts Cannot Tackle Corruption

Should regional human rights courts, such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), expand their mandates to explicitly address corruption? 1,139 more words