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Faith and Immigration

I’ve been wondering how faith persists for emigrants who are stuck between countries. In the news lately, we’ve been hearing about the massive numbers of persons who leave their country (usually war-torn or economically-depressed) in hopes of reaching another with greater chances for a decent life. 530 more words


The Permanency of the Left's Defeat in Greece

After the painful capitulation of Greece’s Syriza led government to the impositions of the country’s European creditors, one point of consolation for Europe’s left has been “now we know who the enemy is.” Such is the darkness of these times that even this minimalist point must be denied any merit. 789 more words

European Crisis


A new report on Sky news this morning got me thinking, how do you decide which charity to support? The news report dealt with the unwanted children of Greece. 425 more words


Faith and the Greek Financial Crisis

As a minister who is also a finance person, I’ve been following and reflecting on the Greek financial crisis. I believe it’s important to follow world events. 289 more words


There is no Greece

A Greek colleague of mine told me I have no right to have an opinion on Greece unless I lived there. I think its nonsense. I haven’t lived in countless other places and I still have an opinion on them. 910 more words


Why it is so hard to understand Europe - and its Crisis

The concept of ´Europe´ first dawned on me when I was in the collecting age, that is, about seven or eight. Among the many things I collected were stamps, and among these I was especially interested in this subcollection carrying the letters EGKS – which in Dutch stands for European Community of Coal and Steel. 915 more words

The Political Universe

Europe's Existential Crisis in Greece

Short of sending the gunboats, it’s difficult to imagine anything more Greece’s creditors could’ve done to intimidate voters into accepting the austerity ultimatum presented to their government. 916 more words

European Crisis