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The Cambridge Union's 2016 London Debate - Friday 23/9

Varoufakis’ speech last Michaelmas was thought to attract over a thousand students

With the Autumn Statement of the new Government looming, the Cambridge Union takes over Inner Temple hall to question the dominance of austerity politics in the United Kingdom. 655 more words

European Crisis

Joining forces! In reply to Stefano Fassina

Stefano Fassina points out that in my article ‘Europe’s Left After Brexit’ I did not discuss his preferred option for Eurozone member-states: Stay in the EU but leave the euro. 1,619 more words

European Crisis

Democratising Europe – a transnational project? A debate with openDemocracy


13 September 2016 (Click here for the openDemocracy site)

What role does national self-determination and ‘self-government’ play in European and human emancipation today? 3,281 more words

European Crisis

Europe’s Left after Brexit

In reply to Tariq Ali, Stathis Kouvelakis, Vicente Navarro and Stefano Fassina on DiEM25’s plan for resisting within the European Union

Preface: This article (published in edited form in… 3,941 more words

European Crisis