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Farage: "We poked the Russian bear with a stick, unsurprisingly Putin reacted"


Britain’s Nigel Farage launched a stinging attack on the idea of an EU army to counter Russia. The UKIP leader also placed some of the blame for the Ukraine crisis on EU expansion. 342 more words

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netwars – The Butterfly Attack v1.0.12025.60

By order of the EU, they conduct a secret cross-border cyber war exercise. But what starts out as a simulation suddenly becomes deadly serious. The story is anything but science fiction. 19 more words

netwars – The Butterfly Attack v1.0.12025.60

The near future: Europe’s top military officers employ a team of elite hackers!


netwars – The Butterfly Attack play.google.com.netwars
By order of the EU, they conduct a secret cross-border cyber war exercise. 11 more words

Europe To use Satellites for UAV Command and Control

The European Space Agency and the European Defense Agency (EDA) will extend their joint work on introducing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into civil European airspace through a 2.4 million-euro ($3.4 million) campaign to test UAV command and control via satellite, the two agencies announced. 39 more words


At the EDA annual conference held last 21 march in Brussels, the First EDA-Egmont PhD Prize in European Defence, Security and Strategy has been awarded to Dr Bejamin Pohl . 310 more words


Pakistan will retaliate if Israel attacks Iran, says diplomat

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
A European diplomat has quoted Pakistani officials as saying that Islamabad will retaliate in kind if the Israeli military attacks Iran. 371 more words

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