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Building a stronger Europe: new initiatives to further boost role of youth, education and culture policies

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The Commission is advancing work to build a European Education Area by 2025, reinforce the cultural dimension of the European Union and bolster youth participation, with a new set of measures, including a new Youth Strategy and a new Agenda for Culture. 967 more words

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How to win Erasmus+ grant to study in Europe

In 2004, Ukrainians received access to the EU’s most successful education program – Erasmus+, which provides opportunities to study, train or work in many European universities. 1,553 more words

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What is the Reality of Western Education

Europe introduced into the East concepts and ideologies that were based on the repudiation of the fundamentals of spiritual belief and the rejection of an Omnipotent Power holding sway over the entire universe, of that Supreme Consciousness which brought the world into creation and in whose hands lay the dispensation of it (Beware It is He who doth create and it is He alone who rules); Concepts introduced by Europe had their origin in the denial of the Unknown, the Supernatural, Divine Revelation, Apostleship and the transcendental values—this was the common feature of all the branches of thought brought by the West no matter whether they dealt with biology and evolution or with ethics, psychology, politics or economics. 229 more words


Life without borders: What it means to be an Erasmuser

This year, Europe’s most popular education programme, Erasmus, celebrated its 30th anniversary. One of the programme’s biggest advocates, Umberto Eco, believes Erasmus created the first generation of young Europeans. 670 more words


How to be selected out of 25,000 people? Insight from a traineeship at the European Parliament

Every year, around 25 000 people apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament and 600 of them are selected. Only 10% of the trainees may be nationals from countries beyond the EU and applicant countries, which makes the competition especially tough for Ukrainians. 1,300 more words