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Michaelmas 2015 Term Card

Tuesdays, 7 – 9 PM, Munby Room, King’s College, unless otherwise notified

13th Oct: Defend Corbyn, Fight for Socialism!

20th Oct: Was Marx Right?

27th Oct: … 52 more words


A Greek Tragedy

I’ve got nothing against the Greeks.  After all, democracy is still one of the biggies and you can’t argue with Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.  Plus, there’s Herodotus, Pythagoras, Euripides, Archimedes etc. 362 more words


"The Lost Continent" - Gavin Hewitt

On my holidays earlier this year, I read “The Lost Continent” by Gavin Hewitt, the BBC News’s Europe Editor, about the causes, effects and response to the European financial crisis, with its outlying crises in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. 460 more words


Dutch King Kills The Welfare State. But Not Really.

The Libertarian Republic is enthusing about King Willem-Alexander “killing” the welfare state, but it is overstating the situation quite a bit. The Netherlands, like most of Europe, is running hard up against the costs of a massive entitlement state and the combination of an aging population and a opportunistic immigrant population. 179 more words


Who needs dollars?... We have alternate money!

History textbooks have spoken of the Barter system as our first medium for exchange of goods but paper money has been our medium of exchange for goods for over three to four centuries. 663 more words


I Met a Marxist in Ireland

I met a Marxist — not the craft-beer-and-Prius kind but the real meal deal.  He was one of Lenin’s Lads and proud of it.  We eyed each other, like wary animals, across an ad hoc Irish pub party, casually exchanging a few beer-whet barbs through the crowd.  847 more words


The Myth of European Austerity

1) “Austerity” in Europe is not what they think it means — it’s jacking up taxes to allow the governments in Europe to spend more money on “bailouts” that don’t help the people, just the bureaucrats in public service and the wealthy. 24 more words