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The Election Over, U.K. Officials Stop Pretending Brexit Won't Hurt

A funny thing happened in London Tuesday. The country’s finance chief, Philip Hammond, and the head of its central bank, Mark Carney, gave keynote speeches chiefly about Brexit – and neither of them had a good word to say about it. 798 more words


French Legislative Elections 2017: First Round Analysis

Note: This article, co-written with Matthew Elliott, was originally published on the Legatum Institute website on 15 June 2017. It is also on the Populus website… 3,214 more words

European Politics

Governance with the people?

The European Commission’s White paper on governance is considered to be an important part of the legitimizing strategy favoured by the commission: as a first preparatory step before the constitutional negotiations, it outlines the Commission’s outlook on the normative principles that should guide European governance in the years to come – what is more, a version of that outlook that has not yet been affected by compromise and negotiation, as in the later stages of the constitutional process… 1,094 more words

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Parallel PM's ?

Leo Varadkar, the newly appointed Taoiseach, or Prime Minister, of Ireland, reminds us of another Prime Minster of the Irish Republic, whom also had an Irish mother and a foreign-born father.  177 more words

The UK's Only Truly Dangerous Coalition? Remain & Virtual Remain.

Here we go again, almost twelve months have passed since last June’s peaceful revolution. Yet still those on the losing side cannot resist the urge to restrict, delay, distort and flat-out deny that the people of the UK undertook their biggest ever democratic exercise and voted to leave the EU. 923 more words

Get Up Poll: Listeners Spell The Most Misspelled Word In Their State [EXCLUSIVE]

Google recently released the the most misspelled word of each state. Needless to say, some words are simpler than others. So in this Get Up Poll… 129 more words

Get Up!

SWEDEN AND NORWAY: Are they better in or out of the European Union?

Sharing borders in the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway and Sweden are two culturally, politically and economically similar countries which share a common past. In 1814 the Swedish tropes invaded Norway after its refusal to integrate Sweden ( 2,142 more words

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