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Goodbye To The EU, But Not To Europe

After several months of waiting, Article 50 has been triggered. Britain is leaving the EU and the reaction has been exactly as you’d expect. Celebration among those who voted to leave, acceptance from Remain backers who are now comfortable with the result, and a strange mixture of negative emotions among intransigent Hard Remainers, who’ve expressed anger, despair, and a significant amount of bitterness. 895 more words


Dawn in Rome, twilight in London

The European Union was born out of the Second World War. The Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957, brought a renewed sense of hope to a continent ravaged by thousands of years of near-constant warfare. 1,016 more words


The Business Guide to Europe's Wild Year

In normal times, French presidential races are so predictable that many people snooze through months of the campaign, then snap awake in the final days to pick one of the various recycled politicians on offer. 518 more words


Finishing touches: what is depoliticization critique?

We can now answer the question that has provided our first point of orientation. What is depoliticization critique? We need to start off by distinguishing between its localized and generalized varieties… 475 more words

Politics And Ethics

Reason and Russia: Part 2

“Reason must be the universal rule and guide; all things must be done according to reason without allowing oneself to be swayed by emotion.”

– Cardinal Richelieu… 467 more words

European Politics

Watching the Dutch Vote

One of the weirdest set of descriptions one finds when arriving in the Netherlands is allochtoon and autochtoon. These terms were used officially until November 2016… 704 more words

European Politics