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K2-18b: 'Super Earth' That Could Host Alien Life Is Discovered |RN

Dave Maclean

A little-known planet 111 light years away could be a ‘scaled-up version of Earth’ which is able to host alien life, according to new research. 365 more words


European Southern Observatory Set To Announce Groundbreaking Astronomical Discovery

The European Southern Observatory have announced that researchers and astronomers have witnessed something in space that has never been seen before.

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Visions from the Atacama

The driest non-polar region in the world is Chile’s Atacama Desert. Some areas have gone 173 months without rain. At about a latitude of 20 degrees south of the equator, prevailing southeast trade winds carry moisture into the the eastern slopes of the Andes. 858 more words


Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024: some thoughts on a major step in 'boldly go'-ing...

There I was two days ago, lying in a heap in bed, listening to the early morning news, slowly coming round, hand clutching a cup of tea. 722 more words


Mystery of Dark Matter May Be Explained by Showing It's Not There #poem #poetry #Physics #gravity

You and I are special
Along with all we view,
Just one in five of all that is
From this stellar clue.

The galaxy of the Milky Way, 220 more words


NASA discovers 7 earth like planets revolving around a star in a solar system

NASA and scientists from the European Southern Observatory have announced that they have discovered a solar system with 7 earth like planets revolving around a star. 295 more words