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From the sublime to the amazing!

First, the sublime.

As in this stunning picture from the latest Cloud Appreciation Society newsletter.

“Though outwardly a gloomy shroud, 99 more words


Telescope to enhance ability to search for exoplanets around Alpha Centauri

By TSS Admin

Sometime in the not too distant future, scientists will be peering through VISIR into the Alpha Centauri system in search of planets. VISIR, which is short for VLT Imager and Spectrometer for mid-Infrared instrument, will be modified to look for and identify potentially habitable planets in the nearest star system to humanity’s star system. 608 more words


Gorgeous Kitty Paw Nebula Image Proves Cats Really Do Belong In Space

By Rae Paoletta, GIZMODO

All cat lovers are familiar with toe beans, the little jellies that adorn the bottom your fur baby’s paws. If you, like me, love kitties and space—ideally… 306 more words


Scientists are using images of the sun to understand the many phenomena that can disastrously impact Earth

It’s easy to look at the stars and get mesmerized by far-off galaxies and exotic phenomena. But sometimes it’s important to refocus our sights a bit closer, where there are still many mysteries to be solved. 246 more words


It is a remarkable thing to think about. Just twenty four years ago we knew of only nine planets (Pluto had yet to be demoted) and they were all in our solar system. 1,776 more words


Proxima B

It’s been an exciting week for the scientific community.

On the 24th of August, scientists announced the discovery of our nearest exoplanet, Proxima B.  The planet was detected by observers at the… 694 more words

Space 2049

Now Humanity Feels the Tug of Proxima b, Too

It’s good to be skeptical, but it’s also nice to see rumors confirmed by real and exciting  announcements: the European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced… 511 more words

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