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Hubble's Greatest Hits

Not all the people is curious about what happens around them or in the galaxy. It is not they do not like to know if not they do not want to see. 169 more words


A New Gold Mine of Baby Galaxies

How many of you love to watch the stars? To all of you who have never tried it I really recommend you the experience. You do not need a telescope or something fancy. 171 more words


A breathtaking photo of a constellation 4,000 light-years from Earth is the most detailed ever of that region

Roughly 4,000 light-years (about 24 quadrillion miles) away from Earth in a particularly happening region of the universe full of star clusters, nebulae, and a star-forming molecular cloud, there is a constellation known as Ara. 131 more words

The bizarre story of how a stellar explosion produced the fastest star in the galaxy

The story of how US 708 became the fastest-moving star in the galaxy (that we know of) is also a tale of a relationship gone sour. 245 more words

Halifax astronomer makes galactic discovery

HALIFAX – A Halifax astronomer has discovered two stars on the other side of the galaxy that could tell us more about our universe.

The findings were recently published in… 486 more words



NASA AND Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have devised a wonderfully artful means of describing exoplanets, planets that are extrasolar, orbiting stars other than the Sun. 682 more words