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It is a remarkable thing to think about. Just twenty four years ago we knew of only nine planets (Pluto had yet to be demoted) and they were all in our solar system. 1,776 more words


Proxima B

It’s been an exciting week for the scientific community.

On the 24th of August, scientists announced the discovery of our nearest exoplanet, Proxima B.  The planet was detected by observers at the… 694 more words

Space 2049

Now Humanity Feels the Tug of Proxima b, Too

It’s good to be skeptical, but it’s also nice to see rumors confirmed by real and exciting  announcements: the European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced… 511 more words

Frontier Channel

Scientists just discovered humanity's best shot at seeing life outside our solar system

NASA knows there are billions of Earth-sized exoplanets out there, many of which could (for better or worse) host life. But until we can travel faster than the speed of light, we’ll never actually be able to reach most of them. 71 more words

Earth-like planet found orbiting closest star to our solar system

After a week of speculation, it’s been confirmed: there is a rocky, possibly Earth-like planet only four light-years from Earth, the closest ever discovered.

On Aug. 378 more words


[VIDEO] On a Rocket Launch to Space

On November 6th, 2015 UP Aerospace Inc. launched the 20-foot (6 meter) tall SL-10 rocket into near-space. The mission: deploy the Maraia Capsule testing the aerodynamics and stability of the payload on re-entry to the atmosphere. 20 more words


Zoom into a galaxy cluster that's looking back at Earth when dinosaurs roamed

It’s a cluster of almost 60 galaxies, the centre of which lies 65 million light-years from Earth.

Using the VLT Survey Telescope at the European Southern Observatory… 251 more words