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Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024: some thoughts on a major step in 'boldly go'-ing...

There I was two days ago, lying in a heap in bed, listening to the early morning news, slowly coming round, hand clutching a cup of tea. 722 more words


Touching the Milky Way at ESO's La Residencia

Astronomers working at ESO’s Paranal Observatory get to enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the Universe.

By Lola Gayle, Editor-at-large

Not only do astronomers working at ESO’s… 323 more words


Mystery of Dark Matter May Be Explained by Showing It's Not There #poem #poetry #Physics #gravity

You and I are special
Along with all we view,
Just one in five of all that is
From this stellar clue.

The galaxy of the Milky Way, 220 more words


NASA discovers 7 earth like planets revolving around a star in a solar system

NASA and scientists from the European Southern Observatory have announced that they have discovered a solar system with 7 earth like planets revolving around a star. 295 more words



From the sublime to the amazing!

First, the sublime.

As in this stunning picture from the latest Cloud Appreciation Society newsletter.

“Though outwardly a gloomy shroud, 99 more words


Telescope to enhance ability to search for exoplanets around Alpha Centauri

By TSS Admin

Sometime in the not too distant future, scientists will be peering through VISIR into the Alpha Centauri system in search of planets. VISIR, which is short for VLT Imager and Spectrometer for mid-Infrared instrument, will be modified to look for and identify potentially habitable planets in the nearest star system to humanity’s star system. 608 more words


Gorgeous Kitty Paw Nebula Image Proves Cats Really Do Belong In Space

By Rae Paoletta, GIZMODO

All cat lovers are familiar with toe beans, the little jellies that adorn the bottom your fur baby’s paws. If you, like me, love kitties and space—ideally… 306 more words