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Les Fusées Ne Peuvent Pas Aller Dans L'Espace (Terre plate)

L’espace intersideral serait vide comment fonctionne la poussee la-haut?

Mais d’abord comment les fusees peuvent-elles aller la-haut alors quelles retombes dans les oceans?

Et meme si elles volaient aussi haut il y a le “plafond de verre”, … 26 more words

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Newly Discovered Exoplanet May be Best Candidate in Search for Signs of Life

Jason Dittmann
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Transiting rocky super-Earth found in habitable zone of quiet red dwarf star

An exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star 40 light-years from Earth may be the new holder of the title “best place to look for signs of life beyond the Solar System”. 1,541 more words

Space Scientific Studies

Stars Born in Winds from Supermassive Black Holes

ESO’s VLT spots brand-new type of star formation

Observations using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have revealed stars forming within powerful outflows of material blasted out from supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies. 1,426 more words


Celestial Cat Meets Cosmic Lobster

Richard Hook
ESO Public Information Officer
Garching bei München, Germany

Astronomers have for a long time studied the glowing, cosmic clouds of gas and dust catalogued as NGC 6334 and NGC 6357, this gigantic new image from ESO’s Very Large Telescope Survey Telescope being only the most recent one. 761 more words

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