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Lecture by Professor Wörner: United Space in Europe

The Director General of the European Space Agency, Professor Johann-Dietrich Wörner, gave an eloquent and uplifting talk at Britain’s Royal Aeronautical Society on 19 July. 124 more words


'Cavenauts' go underground: Space agency sends astronauts into cave to train in 'risky and alien environment'

On the surface, it reads like a paradox: a space agency training its astronauts by sending them as far away from space as possible.

But a six-day expedition into an Italian cave, says the European Space Agency, may actually be an ideal stepping-stone to cosmic travel. 308 more words


Need for Speed

The European Space Agency has invested $11 million toward the development of an engine that could one day allow aircraft to fly anywhere in the world in just four hours. 145 more words


After Brexit, will another UK astronaut ever go to the International Space Station?

When Tim Peake went into space—the first British astronaut go with the European Space Agency (ESA), and the first British citizen to visit the International Space Station (ISS)—many expected it to inspire a new generation of his countrymen to follow him. 448 more words

ESA Science & Technology: LISA Pathfinder completes first operations phase


24 June 2016

On Saturday 25 June, the LISA Technology Package (LTP) – a European payload on ESA’s LISA Pathfinder – completes its nominal operations phase, passing the baton to the Disturbance Reduction System, an additional experiment provided by NASA. 487 more words


Tim Peake returns to Earth

Former British Army helicopter pilot and astronaut, Tim Peake, has safely returned to Earth after six months in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS). He was the first British citizen to be selected for Europe’s astronaut program by the European Space Agency. 117 more words


EU space policy: Industry, security and defence [Plenary Podcast]

Written by Vincent Reillon and Patryk Pawlak,

Autonomous space capabilities play a key role for in enhancing situational awareness, response to complex crises (natural disasters), management of natural resources (water, forests), delivery of services (health, energy, transport, communication, weather forecasting), and national security. 1,289 more words