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Peterborough Man Finds Randy Bachman’s Cellphone Before Neil Young Concert In Omemee

A Peterborough man can say You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet after a chance meeting with Canadian rock legend Randy Bachman while in Omemee, Ont., on Friday before the Neil Young concert. 367 more words


Rosetta Comet Landing

Confident Philae, talking of the condition of the unknown
(how benign it is, flat and happy, lasting)

Understand, Philae, Agilkia!
Instruments such as… 202 more words


International Organisations applications

International organisations like the UN and affiliates, the World Bank, the EC, or ESA are very attractive environments for what they do and what they can offer. 530 more words


The first interstellar object to fly by Earth looked like a giant, pink space cigar

In space currency, asteroids are a dime a dozen. Astronomers have found around 750,000 of the giant space rocks floating around our solar system.

But when researchers using the the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii first spotted the asteroid then called 1I/2017 U1 whizzing past Earth in September, they quickly realized there was something unique about this particular flying hunk of space junk. 351 more words

Garden Center Trip

Dioramas, windmills & fairy lights.

Strolling past walls of fairy lights,

Walking at light speed

Trees of Light

CHEOPS update

Further progress with my CHEOPS entity for an Ariane 5 rocket fairing (artistic setting).

3D Depth map!


Stunning time-lapse captures 'fireball,' massive lightning storm from ISS

An amazing time-lapse video taken by a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut on board the International Space Station (ISS) captured what appears to be a “fireball” entering the earth’s atmosphere, along with a massive lightning show. 280 more words


Work In Progress - CHEOPS Logo

Today’s efforts included a complete remodel of the “CHEOPS logo”, after purchasing the license for Shapr3D (it is €99 a year or €19 a month, went with a year). 195 more words