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China and Europe discuss plans for first human outpost on the moon

The ESA says the proposed “Moon Village” could be a potential launch site for future missions and help develop space tourism.

The European Space Agency and China are discussing a potential collaboration for a human base on the moon. 258 more words


China, ESA feeling out potential collaboration to build human outpost on the moon

BEIJING — Representatives of China and the European Space Agency are discussing potential collaboration on a human outpost on the moon and other possible joint endeavours, according to a spokesman for the European agency and Chinese media reports. 278 more words


An Alberta group discovered a mysterious light crossing the night sky. They call it Steve

A Facebook group of northern lights enthusiasts in Alberta kept noticing a light stretching through the night sky in a line. With good cameras and some imaging know-how, they discovered the light could be enhanced to expose dreamlike purples and greens. 517 more words


Meet 'Steve,' a beautiful celestial phenomena in the northern lights spotted by Alberta sky watchers

Meet Steve. He’s tall, colourful and photogenic, and up until recently, he’d been relatively anonymous.

Now Steve is a celestial rock star thanks to a group of amateur Alberta sky watchers who began documenting the breathtaking atmospheric phenomenon that sometimes appears in the northern lights, which now has astronomers taking notice. 591 more words

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Newly Discovered Exoplanet May be Best Candidate in Search for Signs of Life

Jason Dittmann
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Transiting rocky super-Earth found in habitable zone of quiet red dwarf star

An exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star 40 light-years from Earth may be the new holder of the title “best place to look for signs of life beyond the Solar System”. 1,541 more words

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European Space Agency calling for international co-operation.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has called for increased international cooperation to head off a threat posed to its network of satellites by debris flying around space. 186 more words