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September 17, 1918

Franco-Serbian advance in Macedonia on a 22 miles front reaches the Tcherna, attaining a depth in some places of 12½ miles.

European Theatre

September 13, 1918

St. Mihiel salient flattened out. 15,000 prisoners and 200 guns taken by Americans.

European Theatre

September 11, 1918

British, between Cambrai and St. Quentin, take Attilly, Vermand, and Vendelles; British capture Railway Triangle.

European Theatre

September 9, 1918

North of Havrincourt Wood British carry high ground overlooking the Hindenburg line; they reach the edge of Gouzeaucourt and Epéhy and progress beyond Vermand. French across the Crozat Canal.

European Theatre

August 20, 1918

Further advance by General Mangin between the Oise and the Aisne to a depth of three miles; more than 8,000 prisoners; Lombray reached.

European Theatre

August 17, 1918

Allied advance to within 1,000 yards of Roye; French carry Canny-sur-Matz; they progress between the Oise and Aisne.

European Theatre

1939-1945 World War Two

After The Great War, the world pondered how to prevent such a large scale tragedy again. They came up with two primary solutions. The first, was the brainchild of President Woodrow Wilson and what would become the League of Nations (later the United Nations). 2,037 more words

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