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Greece Will Need 50 Billion Euros To Be Stable

Greece will need 50 billion Euros to be financially Stable. The IMF have said that the Greek Economy would need 50 Billion Euros over the next 3 years to stabilize their economy under the new bailout plans that the Greek Government dispute. 182 more words


England World Cup Football Songs

Introduction – During the football World Cup and just before, the country goes crazy and everything is about football. This includes the music charts. There a large number of songs released related to the World Cup and the England team every time they play. 882 more words

Greece's Finances are Messing Everybody Up; Puerto Rico's in a Debt "Death Spiral"; Housing Up and About

It’s all Greek to me…

They gave us philosophy and high-protein yogurt. But now Greece is giving us nothing but global fiscal chaos as its banks are on the verge of collapse while the country prepares to… 544 more words

Underachieving U21's

A similar theme here.

The sight of England exiting yet another international competition far too soon. But is it really doom and gloom for our domestic side? 420 more words


28/06/15 - The Women showing more balls than the men!

So the week started with England’s U21 side, who only needed a draw, being knocked out easily by Italy in a 3-1 domination. The final group table looked eerily similar to last year’s World Cup group. 133 more words


What Irish football can learn from Iceland

HERE’S A REVELATION that should come as little surprise to most people: Ireland and Iceland are two countries with quite a lot in common. Small island nations on the periphery of mainland Europe, they share strong agricultural and fishery industries as well as huge levels of emigration in recent years. 1,459 more words

British Football

Why Does England Keep Losing?

England U-21 coach Gareth Southgate has more than a passing familiarity with the agony of tournament soccer: In 1996, Southgate’s shoot-out miss eliminated England from the first European Championship played on English soil. 759 more words