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12. Immigration and the need to restrict it

Now this is a touchy subject. That person there is a idealist. He thinks that that open borders would work like magic and everything would be fine with global borders. 203 more words

4. Investing and motivation behind it

Investing is a way of life to myself. I am addicted to it. Currently I put around 40% of my income straight into stock and other 20% directly or indirectly towards investments or to my mortgage. 219 more words

Man loses 50,000 euros to sex party fraudster

Police in the western German city of Herne on Thursday said that a con man robbed a 70-year-old pensioner of more than 50,000 euros after promising to organise a sex party with three women. 88 more words


What Happened to the Netherlands?

South Africa 2010 and a resurgent nation with a 100% qualifying record arrive on the grandest stage in football, The World Cup Final. Albeit a game remembered more for unpunished tackles than skill or quality, you had a feeling that we were about to see one of the sports’ most recognisable nations go on and become a major force once again. 428 more words


Germans are hoarding billions of old deutschmarks out of fear, nostalgia, and laziness

The old trope that Germans pay for everything with cash has another wrinkle. Not only are they enamored by physical tender, they cling nostalgically to a certain kind. 432 more words

Copenhagen - 11.03.2017

This is our first article in our Blog “One Shot Trip”, I hope you will enjoy it! Do not hesitate to write remarks! ;)

Let’s go to Copenhagen! 932 more words


New Hockey Pitches Go Dutch, Orange Turf Unveiled At The Wagener Stadium

The KNHB together with TenCate Grass established a new, orange astro in the new Wagener Stadium in Amsterdam. Rabo Euro Hockey Championships 2017, which will be held from 18 to 27 August, will be the first official international tournament played on an orange surface. 284 more words