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You're my inspiration

I’d like to talk about the one and only Conchita. You know, the bearded woman winning Eurovision in 2014. She, who won more than a contest back then. 490 more words

Yulia Samoilova- 'I Won't Break' (Russia) Lyrics

Yulia Samoilova was chosen by Russia to represent them at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Check out the lyrics to her song ‘I Won’t Break’! 245 more words


Melovin- 'Under the Ladder' (Ukraine) Lyrics

Melovin is Ukraine’s pick for Eurovision 2018. Here are the lyrics to his song ‘Under the Ladder’. 177 more words


Sanja Ilic and Balkanika- 'Nova Deca' (Serbia) Lyrics

Serbia are represented at Eurovision 2018 by Sanja Ilic and bnd Balkanika. They will sing the song ‘Nova Deca’, check out the lyrics to the song as well as an English translation! 181 more words


Christabelle- 'Taboo' (Malta) Lyrics

Malta have chosen Christabelle Borg as their singer for Eurovision 2018. She will sing the song ‘Taboo’, check out the lyrics! 316 more words


The Humans- 'Goodbye' (Romania) Lyrics

The Humans will take to the stage for Romania at Eurovision 2018. They will sing their song ‘Goodbye’. Check out the lyrics to the song! 172 more words


Vanja Radovanovic- 'Inje' (Montenegro) Lyrics

Vanja Radovanovic will represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2018 with his song ‘Inje’. Here are the lyrics to that song! 332 more words