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Eurovision 大獎冠軍有感 - 瑞典的Måns Zelmerlöw

文: 安尼斯

係!又係瑞典! Eurovision 2015冠軍又係瑞典贏,同吳孟達一齊大喊”又升仙喇”一樣咁悶 ! 瑞典的Måns Zelmerlöw首Heroes實際上係唔係真的那麼好?

唔係瑞典首歌 Hero唔好聽,但其他國家其實是有點令人失望! 幾乎年年英國總是send老牌民謠歌手唱D過時歌曲,法國人甚至不知道他們的代表邊度嚟。

其實塘水滾塘魚,要好的歌手代表國家,首先要有好的機制揀歌手。 瑞典傳統節目Melodifestivalen播足六個星期,全國選拔,全民投票,贏左先代表瑞典出選Eurovision 。



圖片來源: eurovision.tv; getty images; euronews.com



30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 16

30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 16

Prompt: The first ESC song that you listened to

If the prompt meant the first ESC song that I listened to in general, it would be either Waterloo (Sweden 1974) or The Voice (Ireland 1996). 316 more words


Love Injected

This. THIS, ladies and gentlemen was why you should’ve watched Eurovision this year. This is the reason why you should still be obsessed with music, why you should still spend hours on YouTube searching for new music. 854 more words

My Stuff

Ten reasons you aren't as civilised as you pretend

1. In company you will carefully scrape off the yoghurt stuck to the lid with a spoon, at home you’ll just lick it off.

2. You tell people you joined a martial arts class because you like to try interesting things and wanted to meet new people, but really you just like having an excuse to hit other people without getting in trouble. 396 more words



Instaology – science of desperate attempts to capture the moment.
Måns Zelmerlöw – Eurovision Song Contest winner 2015 – is performing live in Lund (his home town). 9 more words


“Europe” Has Talent

I always wondered what it must be like for a European to watch and try to make sense of American football – or baseball for that matter. 541 more words


Review: Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015! Determined to have a good time, I break out the pink bubbly wine, set up the speakers, invite my boyfriend’s boyfriend—making sure to break up with the boyfriend a few hours before the show for maximum awkwardness value—and settle down with my fabulous trans housemates and the house’s one year old child to enjoy the sparkly mess that is Eurovision. 2,565 more words