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Man Invents 'Euthanasia Coaster' To Offer The Suffering A Euphoric Exit

Before you get completely appalled at the very idea of a “euthanasia coaster,” understand where creator Julijonas Urbonas was coming from. He knew fully well it would never be built, but wanted to create a way to kill terminally ill people, in his words, “humanely with elegance and euphoria.” Thus, he envisioned the “euthanasia coaster.” Not to be confused with… 161 more words

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The Saas Perspective: Episode 47 (11/2/2014)

And I’m back. Although I was absent for last week’s podcast (Trevor had a guest host fill in for my regular duties), I’ve returned from my vacation to Disney World so that Trevor and I can finally bring our October horror series for Digging Deep to a close (and end Trevor’s suffering) with Michael Haneke’s home invasion horror deconstruction, … 83 more words