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What Actor Played a Villain too well for comfort?

A lot of actors have played the villain role too well for comfort and frankly 1,110 more words

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

Yet another underwhelming, uninspired latter-day offering from the once-great Tim Burton, this adaptation of the 2011 Ransom Riggs novel is dead on arrival. Burton never really bothers to convince the audience that the story is worth the effort, with a lifeless, aimless plot limping from scene to scene yet somehow feeling overly complicated before arriving at an overlong, tiresome climax that comes out of nowhere. 50 more words

Red and Black

Two different colors, convey different messages. Colors can make such changes to viewers as it signals attractiveness, composition, mood, beauty.

Both dresses look stunning on Eva Green, one of the most gorgeous woman in the world, however each dress conveys a different meaning to the person who is looking at it. 218 more words


The Facts of Death: Casino Royale, Part X

The high-stakes poker game has only just begun, but now Casino Royale takes a break from the card table.¬†Somewhat burdened by blockbuster expectations–the days in which Bond could deliver a low-key, relaxed thriller like¬† 710 more words

Franklyn (2009)

As a lone vigilante stalks the streets of Meanwhile City in search of the murderous leader of a cult, three damaged and lonely souls struggle to find meaning to their lives in contemporary London. 195 more words


Dark Shadows (2012) [review]

First I have to say that I have never seen the TV series or films which this is based upon and therefore I cannot compare this to any of those. 481 more words