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Eva Moskowitz Cannot Help Herself

My grandfather had many folk wisdom expressions, but one that sticks with me is “When you are sitting 100 feet in the air, sawing furiously at the branch you are on, be sure to sit on the the TREE side of the cut.”  The meaning here is simple enough: perilous situations demand caution, and it is probably a good idea to check and double check what you are doing lest you end up like these guys: 2,101 more words


The discipline fix

By Tom Quiner

Two sets of school systems.

A tepid 20% of the students in System One are able to pass their state’s math tests. 607 more words


Moskowitz and Petrilli Push Education Model Designed to Serve Strivers and Shed the Rest

It is amazing to watch Eva Moskowitz, New York City’s charter school diva, take on her arch political rival, Mayor Bill de Blasio in a charter school war she wages through histrionics and melodrama.  1,425 more words

Equity & Opportunity To Learn

Eva Moskowitz and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of the Success Academy charter school network in New York City, is used to getting her way.

Since founding her first school in 2006, her network has grown to 34 schools with 11,000 students, and she is on track for 43 schools by next year with a goal of 100 eventually.  3,162 more words


Moskowitz's Letter to Merrow: What She Reveals and Omits

On October 12, 2015, PBS NewsHour aired a segment entitled, “Is Kindergarten Too Young to Suspend a Student?” The piece features Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academies of New York. 979 more words