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A Tribute to My Mother, a Teacher - Stephanie Grant Duke, by Wendy S Duke.

My British mother bombed the 11 Plus Exam she had to take as a child. She was very ill that day, but as the test was super important, she went in but her fever took away her focus. 673 more words


Education Lessons From Eva Moskowitz and Success Academies

Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of New York City’s ‘Success Academy,’ is one of the most controversial figures in American education today. Readers of her ‘Mission Possible’ (source of most of this material) will quickly understand why, if they don’t already (eg. 2,698 more words

Public Schools

A Former "Success Academy" Charter School Teacher Steps Forward to Tell Her Story

“Eva Moskowitz says Success Academy the answer.

She says she wants all kids to succeed.

But she also says they need to feel misery if they do not rise to her nearly impossible expectations. 20 more words

Charter Schools

CALL 311 TODAY to Fight a Success Academy Co-Location!

***Press Conference***

Our School Community Matters! VOTE NO on the Success Academy Co-Location at JHS145x Educational Complex

Friday April 24, 3:30 

Bronx Borough President’s Office  958 more words

Moskowitz’s Third Annual Spring Benefit Protest

By Mindy Rosier

I broke out my dressy clothes, some earrings, and my red lipstick for last night’s fundraiser for Eva Moskowitz. I was not a guest. 955 more words

Weakening Standardized Tests Amounts to 'Killing the Messenger'

This week, 1.1 million children in New York State will take Common Core-aligned standardized tests amidst a growing national revolt against testing.

Standardized tests don’t measure real learning, just superficial test-taking skills, and our obsession with them is destroying our nation’s schools by taking away from real learning. 966 more words

Knee-Jerk vs. A Stone's Throw

I read that article. Yes, that article. You know the New York Times article about Success Academy Charter Schools; about how they employ rigid and punitive teaching and management methods to produce very strong standardized test results. 1,138 more words