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So you want to be a foam-smith?

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Foam (duh)

There are a plethora of different types of foam you can choose from. Your choice will all depend on what type of armor you’re making, and what look you’re going for. 963 more words


Stage 2 of Teddy Bear drawstring bag and Eva Cassidy

Here is where I am up to…

One ear and the bag which looks a little small! We’ll see what happens

More updates to come … 45 more words



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“This is a disaster.”

Eva took her eyes off Arachne for the first time since the hunter died and the doll ran off. 4,556 more words



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With a long guttural noise from the back of her throat, Arachne tried to sit up.

Eva slammed her foot down on Arachne’s shoulder despite the sword at her neck. 4,548 more words


Will increasing invested capital to take advantage of projects with positive NPV increase EVA or NOPAT?

Yes, both.

Increasing invested capital to take advantage of positive NPV projects will increase NOPAT and the dollar cost of capital $WACC. Because NPV is positive the increase in NOPAT will be larger than the increase in $WACC so EVA will increase.

Level 2


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Eva dropped out of the sky, seething with her fists clenched tight as she grit her teeth together. Her final blink had carried her over the makeshift wall of the Brakket dormitory plaza. 3,523 more words