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Through a thin slit in a heavy metal door, Eva watched as Sawyer’s body turned to ash in a high intensity fire. 4,828 more words


Top iTunes Song Today: Eva by Nightwish

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Eva landed within her domain with far more grace than Nel. Given that jostling Serena might kill her if she wasn’t dead already, that was probably a good thing. 4,482 more words


A Longing for Catastrophe

Seleni smiled at the red flashing lights. She could have done without the repeating high pitched beeps.

The ship was going to crash land, and she couldn’t wait. 1,379 more words

Short Stories


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Sawyer stood at the crest of a hill that overlooked the ritual site. He turned his head one way then the other, taking in the destruction down below. 3,842 more words


62. Și brusc totul se schimbă...

Un soare timorat se întrevedea printre draperiile trase ale apartamentului lui Richard când Jane își deschidea ochii în acea dimineață. Bărbatul de lângă ea încă dormea pufăind ușor și ținând-o în brațe strâns. 1,129 more words

Povestea Lui Jane