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Hotel 10

Acabo de contar  los días que llevo en el hotel. Ahora los anoto  en el calendario que me compré en Inno el otro día. Son ya diez pero parece que llevo mucho más tiempo en esta habitación de la que conozco todos sus recovecos. 1,478 more words


“In today’s church, leadership has become something of an obsession” said by Dr. Albert Mohler the ninth president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  633 more words



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“Well, that’s definitely the doll that I saw in Hell.”

Eva stepped away from the window, looking at the others. 3,415 more words


New obsession - Norwegian TV show 'Skam'

You’ve probably noticed, if you’re following me on Instagram, that I’ve been talking in the descriptions of a couple of photos about a TV show named Skam, about Noora and William, Evak ship and the fact that the show is amazing. 538 more words


Visare în luna martie.

Găsesc o clipă în această dimineață

Mișcându-se în mod miraculos

Se-aud clopote sunând departe-a viață

Plutind spre ceruri, rostind cu glas duios

Un nume…

Sunt cu mintea goală deasupra orizontului… 160 more words



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“Hold on a moment,” Eva said.

She didn’t get texts often. Usually only when there was an emergency. Either Zoe or Nel using Zoe’s phone would send her something. 3,202 more words


One week old


So Abigail was the easiest puppy to photograph, we moved her and she snuggled into the blanket and never moved a muscle.  I wish the others were that easy!   323 more words