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Neon Genesis Evangelion – In Sickness Unto Death, and… / Splitting of the Breast [16]

On a seemingly normal morning Asuka shouts at Shinji (this will become a pattern) about how he apologies without thinking. In this case it’s about the temperature of Asuka’s bath water which is something Asuka should be doing anyway so it’s not hard to sympathise with Shinji’s uncaring apology. 1,642 more words


Neon Genesis Evangelion – Lies and Silence / Those Women longed for the touch of others’ lips, and thus invited their kisses. [15]

To give you an idea of how ahead I am in Evangelion month this is written on the 6th of January and Shadowcat’s first impressions of Evangelion post released yesterday. 1,769 more words


Orchids & Salami - Eva Gabor's Autobiography

I’m always on the lookout for a good deal on Gabor memorabilia, so imagine my surprise when a copy of Orchids and Salami by Eva Gabor came up on Ebay at a price I was willing to pay.  401 more words

Eva Gabor

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Weaving a Story [14]

Something that makes my job a whole lot easier as an episode reviewer is the recap episode, to see everything that was shown in the recap just read all of the previous posts! 484 more words



Da appassionato di fantascienza con la peculiare perversione per la robotica, sono sorpreso di non aver sentito prima parlare di “Eva”.
Una produzione Canal+ spagnola di cui avevo avuto sentore solo recentemente in rete, dove un sotterraneo hype ne parlava come di una chicca da vedere assolutamente. 256 more words


Why (and how) I Orgasm Everyday. Or, Why I said "Fuck This Shit" To Purity Culture, and You Should Too!

I’m back y’all!

I’ve been going through A LOT mentally and emotionally recently (when haven’t I though, really?). And so, I’ve decided to write again. Try to work through some of this things I’m always thinking about. 4,396 more words

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Angel Invasion / Lilliputian Hitcher [13]

This episode review may be a lot shorter than all of the others because my notes were a lot shorter for this episode than any other and the plot is very focussed on one specific thing. 766 more words