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“I hope this washes out,” Eva said, tossing her sticky hair over her shoulder. No matter how much she tried to strain it out, it was like the gunk multiplied in her hair as her fingers ran through it. 3,893 more words



EVA: Uhmm‚Ķ You realize you stink… As long as you know, Lheage.

Fucking hell, Vishous. Why didn’t you tell you were shot. Nevermind, stupid question.. 3,197 more words


Eva si viata.

Organismul uman are trei trepte de dezvoltare. Prima treapta ocupa varsta 0-7 ani. A doua treapta merge pana in jurul varstei de 15 ani iar a treia treapta de pana la 30 de ani. 794 more words


Space Suits and Survival

So, why do we need space suits? What is their purpose? What happens to humans that are exposed to space unprotected? To understand more about this topic, we need to understand a few things about the human body and how it functions in the atmosphere. 1,078 more words


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Eva tossed the now slightly damp towel over her shoulder, not caring in the slightest where it actually landed. 4,148 more words


Take note

A new round of Shiny Shabby is starting soon and Kunst has gathered his Curiosities in a gacha machine for you. The little tricycle is the rare piece. 180 more words