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Week 6 in Photos

Another week of photos for you. I actually had several to choose from this week, which was really fun; slowly but surely as I am becoming more accountable on the blog to post quality photos I think I’m improving (maybe). 124 more words



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Eva took a moment to relax. On Ylva’s throne. It wasn’t easy.

The throne was carved out of the same black marble the rest of the throne platform was made from. 4,194 more words


A Storming Ditty.

Adventurous Abigail abounds and around.

Arching at Blustery Barney.

Blustery Barney blithered about, beginning coughing at Clodagh.
Coughing Clodagh created breaks, basket cases and crackups before coming at Desperate Desmond. 135 more words



EVA: this isn’t fair.. I hate you. This is not fair, Vishous. “I know you do. pet

When it comes to you I have no sense. 3,247 more words


Xương Sườn EVA - Chương 10

Chương 10: Phong ba.

Edit: Na kute

Beta: Táo nhỏ

Tối hôm qua rốt cuộc uống bao nhiêu rượu, Mộc Vị Ương vẫn nhớ rất rõ ràng, sau khi tỉnh táo lại cô bắt đầu tính thử, tính sơ sơ tầm khoảng 1 2 chai rượu đỏ. 1,823 more words


Follow the girl with umbrella.

When You in Nara, follow the girl with umbrella. She tell the ancient fable of Nara. 79 more words