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So yeah I totally forgot I started blogging…..brain fart…. I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to photograph put up here but spaced and now I don’t remember what I wanted to showcase. 158 more words


New Year's Eve Day Jumble Spoiler - 2014

Visual Description:  At the top of the Times Square countdown.

EVALE  =  LEAVE,  NOPUD  =  POUND,  RAZDIL  =  … 438 more words


If I Had A Heart

ERMAHGERD!!  This hair!  I have been searching for this hair since I started binge watching Vikings and Truth FINALLY released it today!  So, naturally, as soon as I got the notice I went right to the marketplace and got it so I wouldn’t have to fight the store traffic, and THEN I attempted to build an outfit around the hair, because it was necessary for it to be on my head.  95 more words

Dressing The Masses


Skin==> THE SKIN SHOP – Chanel

Freckles and moles==> EMMA and OKKBYE

Hair==> TRUTH – Ainsley

Jacket==> HOUSE OF FOX – Satin bomber black (Collabor88) 39 more words

It's Electric!

(I apologize for the raw edges in this photo.  Despite having all the settings checked correctly, SL just refused to give me a smooth look. -_-) 487 more words


Flowers and Bone

I’m not sure I could have worn more designers if I tried so I’ll just start from the top.

Horns: Brat Inc Free but don’t seem to be out anymore. 80 more words

The Way She Moves

Well nothing to terribly exciting today guys, but this has become one of my favorite outfits in SL. It’s relatively simple but sexy…ish at the same time. 28 more words

Kj's Fashion Finds