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Where to Start?

When you look at your little fellowship, what is the first thing that comes to mind as a needed change? This isn’t a question of whether you think you can or not. 85 more words


WordPress Site Statistics

Once you have some solid promotion tactics in place, you need to evaluate how well
they perform. There’s no point in pursuing a failed strategy for months, when you… 245 more words


Are Blue Whales, Like, the Biggest Thing?

Blue whales – they’re big, but just how big? And are they, like, a big deal?

Resources used to research and write this podcast include: 104 more words


5 Areas of Self-Assessment You Should Focus on Today!

Evaluate these areas to better understand how your marketing strategy stacks up to the competition. Get your free marketing assessment today! Learn more. More news from realtor.com®: How Does Your Marketing Stack Up? 31 more words

Core Values: The Key Ingredients for Creating Culture

Culture sustains an environment.

Culture is a powerful force. Peter Drucker, known as the father of modern management, put it this way, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The best strategies and plans ultimately cannot compete with culture.  649 more words

School Culture

5 Tips To Manage On Line Reviews

In a perfect world, customers would hire you based on the quality of your work, and not on the opinions of Internet users whose feedback may or may not be entirely truthful. 640 more words

Deal with work frustration

at work it is easy to get annoyed with new people, changes, and just not catching on to things quick enough. How you deal with these and other issues make the biggest difference. 280 more words