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Music Teaching and Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

When I learned Bloom’s taxonomy as an undergraduate, I always thought that the arts were short changed. Sure, there was the affective domain, but it just didn’t have the depth  to it that the cognitive domain had, and the affective domain was often presented as a sort of afterthought. 1,351 more words

Music Education

About Judging Others...

Read 1 Corinthians 5
Focus on verse 12-13a

We make judgments every day. We observe, assess and then act upon our assessment. The process of making a judgment is essential to effectively navigating our way through life. 326 more words

Daily Devotional

3 steps to boost your career in 2017

Your career is in your hand, evaluate, acquire and evolve.

2017 is here and change is the only thing that is constant. With automation taking the lead and the organizations across the globe transforming the way they do business.

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Hints for A Level Sociology Paper 3 (Crime and Deviance)

A few hints for how I recommend answering the Crime and Deviance section of AQA’s paper 3 (which also contains theory and methods, more of that later). 204 more words

A Level Sociology

Looking Forward!

As 2016 comes to a close we can outline the  different encounters that we’ve experienced during 2016.  Some happy, some sad, some good and some bad.   241 more words

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Despite the fact that most of us have to have to pay attention to this pursuits of your respective site audience expressing at their side your personal problems provides these a bit perception regarding an individual! 348 more words


Use Your Evaluation To Inspire

On the surface an evaluation at Toastmasters is about showing a speaker their strengths and suggesting how they can improve further but a great evaluation goes further, a great evaluation will inspire your speaker to become a better communicator. 251 more words

Public Speaking