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Evaluate 1 - Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments are measures through which I am able to better address the needs of my students. It can be frustrating to have the kids look at me in the class and whine that they do not understand when I feel I have done everything but stand on my head to explain the material. 327 more words


Expressed by:  Cassandra Dennis

My dreams are beyond images, because I’ve made them tangible.

My inventions are no longer day dreams, because I now hold the patents. 289 more words



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The Ultimate Sign That shows You're Lost

When somewhere deep down in the corner of your heart you feel that something is wrong with you. When you sound different to others and yourself, often feels that itchy sensations which keeps you disturbed. 472 more words

Success And Career

How to Evaluate Preschool Environments

You think picking a preschool is easy until you run into Supermom. Her dissertation comparing the local preschool coop with the Montessori school has your head spinning.

Evaluate Reflection

iNacol, the International Association for Online Learning, publishes Standards for Quality Online Teaching. Consider the following standards:

Standard D: The online teacher promotes student success through clear expectations, prompt responses, and regular feedback. 208 more words


Evaluate 3 - Self Reflection

Artifact: Submit evidence of reflection on your individual teaching abilities. Include artifacts, evaluation feedback, your own reflections, e-portfolio links, professional growth plans and anything else that showcases introspection into strengths and weaknesses as an online educator and document all in your individual blog. 22 more words