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Financial Friday: Evaluating your home's efficiency

Hi friends,

Your home is your biggest asset, but often also your biggest expense.

I have a home maintenance calendar to make sure that the basics are taken care of, but I was also recently advised of a home efficiency evaluation, which is a great way to make sure that your home is energy efficient, and save you money on your utilities.   21 more words

Blog 4: The importance of PR Campaigns to be Precisely Measurable.

Public relations practitioners face the increasing challenge of demonstrating that their campaigns and messages make a value added contribution to their organisations.  In an organisational environment characterized by increased competitiveness, cost efficiencies and downsizing, public relations no longer can convincingly argue that the function is justified without evidence of precisely measureable results in line with strategic business objectives (Childers 1997). 348 more words



If you’re serving God for what you can GET from Him instead of what you can DO for Him…you need to evaluate your relationship with Him.

Food For Thought

Precisely Measuring PR Campaigns

Measurement is the step of the public relations (PR) process involving ‘the evaluation of results against agreed-upon objectives that are established during planning’ (Wilcox et al. 301 more words


Evaluate 3.1.2 – Self-Reflection on Teaching Abilities Quest

Submit evidence of reflection on your individual teaching abilities. Include artifacts, evaluation feedback, your own reflections, e-portfolio links, professional growth plans and anything else that showcases introspection into strengths and weaknesses as an online educator and document all in your individual blog. 328 more words


Evaluate 3.1.1 – Differentiation Quest

Provide sample data from student results for a course within your field. The data can be entirely theoretical and written out in text form.

Upon completion of the data, discuss the method used to group students based on abilities, strategies utilized to examine student performance, and areas requiring modification of instruction. 273 more words