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Top 5 Reasons to Use Rubrics

Rubrics are a great tool to aid in grading. They’re easily adapted to any kind of assessment and can be attached to nearly every assessment in Blackboard. 177 more words

Teaching Strategies

Muddy Boots garden re-design. CEAP. Evaluate the information.

Evaluate the information

To evaluate the information I have collected I used the following Permaculture design tools; functions and elements; links between elements, random assembly, key functions and setting SMART goals. 555 more words

Where did January go?

And it’s February. Seriously? Are we ready for this? I always love January and how full of excitement it is as we tackle our New Year’s resolutions. 388 more words

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning is process whereby youth can manage, plan and direct their own learning.

So how do people go about doing this Self-directed learning? Below are a few steps you can follow. 216 more words


Ask your Procurement Department, because ...

If you are a big company or organization and you are about to make a big sales or advocacy decision, ask your Procurement Department to evaluate your final product or pitch. 164 more words

Why being grateful while unhappy, is not a contradiction of the former.

As I’m still employed, no I shouldn’t be writing this.

But shoot, some things just have to be said, especially when you know you’re not the only person in the situation. 1,100 more words

Social Life



I’ve just updated the book page !

Before I start, let me rant a little bit.
Few months ago I looked at this one book that I really want in a local bookstore nearby. 2,063 more words