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Feature Friday (2/27/15)

As a youth pastor, I am constantly evaluating how our student ministry is maturing students into lifelong ministers of Jesus Christ. However, this article asks, answers and gives some great diagnostic questions to a slightly different question. 58 more words

Feature Friday

Why Should I Keep a Journal?

Numerous reports suggest that parenting children with special needs makes one susceptible to greater levels of depression, anxiety, isolation and discouragement than one parenting a more typical child.   514 more words

How to determine damage from emotional wounds

On this talk show:  How to determine the damage caused by emotional wounds


To download podcast, right click HERE and choose “save link” (on smart phones, press and hold on “here” link)


Evaluations: the Heart of the Toastmaster Program

When you strengthen your evaluations, you help your fellow members improve, you develop your skills in delivering feedback, and you build a stronger club. It does not stop there. 56 more words


Simple test for better programmer

Some times i wonder how to evaluate a programmer and found this useful quick check list.

The following are simple test for programmer


Why take your temperature?

Why does a person take their temperature? Primarily it is to confirm the suspicion that they are sick.

In a similar way, I would like to encourage each of us, when we have the suspicion that something is not right with us and we are displaying actions that are uncharacteristic, (getting impatient and angry with others, eating too much, laying around too much, overstressed, etc.) we take to heart these “symptoms” and do a quick read on our situation. 107 more words


Film Openings Blog - 2/20


Since the opening scene I’m going to make is for a drama/teen drama movie, I am taking a look at other drama films to get more of an idea on how to shoot and set the mood in order to better my final project as a whole. 371 more words