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Essay Verbs

Knowing what type of essay to write can be confusing; do you write a descriptive essay or an evaluative one? Identifying the essay verb in the question can point you in the right direction. 147 more words

How to Write an Essay.

I have created these Posters to help my pupils structure their essays in RMPS.

Sharing is caring so feel free to use too.

Trying to create a whole range of useful wall displays for my pupils. 6 more words


Evaluate 3.1.2 - Self-Reflection on Teaching Abilities


Evaluate 3.1.2

Being an educator requires continuous learning, improvement, introspection, and action.  Working with Ga Virtual, there are many ways for teachers to learn from their practice or to know what is working and what is not working. 215 more words


Evaluate 3.1.1 - Differentiation


Evaluate 3.1.1

This first image represents the question statistics from a quiz given in my GSE Advanced Algebra course:

I would use this data to inform how I would run my next synchronous session.   250 more words


Evaluate 2.1.2 - Rubrics and Competencies


We have chosen to create a competency structure for the Conics Unit of the Precalculus course. We found that a spreadsheet below shows a straightforward structure of the standards, learning objectives and assignments.   29 more words


Evaluate 2.1.1 - Data Driven Instruction, Analytics, Reporting Tools


Using data, analytics, and reporting tools is very useful for educators to assess individual student performance, progress and needs.  As we look at the data, we can see patterns of behavior to predict future performance and guide our students towards success.   480 more words


S: Toxic Friends

This post was inspired by an anecdote a friend shared about an experience she had gone through-although that story is a bit too personal to be shared here. 854 more words