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Days 10 and 11: eating, exercise and evaluating 

I have been very good the past two days, keeping up with my exercise and eating well.

Yesterday, I could barely move my legs. They were aching so badly they I couldn’t contemplate the shred. 329 more words


541: Relative Advantage of Gaming for learners

Relative Advantage of Gaming for learners

I recently attended a two day training for Media and Technology specialist and we all were encouraged to be inspired to start using the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity). 426 more words

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I’m sitting here in silence. Realization is dawning on me. I’ve hit a plateau.

I understand my responsibilities. I recognize each day as it comes and goes and I am not moving with it. 424 more words

Fluctuating Feelings

My direction is wavering
Although, this is not uncommon

I set a fire an old life
and planted seeds for a new one
Now I see trimmings are in order… 82 more words


Measuring UP; card of the week 9 November 2015

Sometimes we’re guided to view judgment and critique as something really negative.  After all,  “don’t judge others,” was a universal mom warning.    And blessedly, our culture is making overall strides in discouraging negative forms of  judgement (this is better than, you know, the days of pitchforks and Inquisitions)   — we have, … 835 more words

Weekly Cards

Creative Future's reflection

Today I had a one on one session with Sally Firby to discuss, the assignment brief handout booklet. We went through each section step by step, to work out the stages I need to take to get the grade I’m aiming for, a first degree BA hons. 374 more words

Creative Futures - Sally

Evaluating Monthly Spending

The month is almost over which means I can evaluate my spending habits. I made some mistakes, especially for someone who is 1) trying to save… 505 more words