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Wednesday, February 7: Wake-Up Wednesday & Bullying in Sports

Goal: Read the second opinion article on Newsela. Read, annotate, write, and take the quiz.

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Go to Google Classroom and open today’s starter. When you finish, click See Previous Responses. 135 more words

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Tuesday, January 31: Is Social Media Bad for Young People?

Goals: Read and respond to an opinion article from Newsela. Analyze the author’s craft. Add your own opinion to a class discussion.


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cognitive bias is often an impulsive mistake in reasoning, evaluating, remembering, decision-making, or other thinking process, often occurring as a result of holding onto one’s preferences, beliefs, emotions, and prejudices regardless of contrary information. 1,287 more words

Common Sense

Policies? Are they always great?

Economics and Politics are  recurring subjects of conversation at the office. And often, it goes further that partisan conversations on who is strong and who might win the next elections. 676 more words

Friday, January 5: Outsiders Ch. 11 & Evaluating

Goals: Read Chapter 11 and complete 11 close reading strategies.


  • You should have 10 close reading responses done today. I will give you points and feedback based on your work so far.
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impressions of optimization

If you read the professional literature, you quickly get the impression that the well-being of the forest is only of interest insofar as it is necessary for optimizing the lumber industry.

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Anxiety: The Night Shift

What were you doing at 2am this morning?

Chances are you were asleep.


I was cleaning my kitchen.

Are you insane?

Well yes, but I don’t usually snap on the Marigolds in the wee early hours of the morning.. 959 more words