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A Perspective on Art Criticism

When I first began to appreciate art, I knew nothing about how to properly critique a work.  I would simply judge whether i believed it was good or bad then move on with my life.   330 more words

Evaluating Your Sexual Health Needs

Sex health is definitely an issue which is becoming more suitable in today’s community and many are providing ways to enhance it. Through choosing the right diet plan, exercise program and perhaps the right sex supplement, this is a guide to enhancing sexual wellness.Listed below… 6 more words


Riding the Waves

I have hundreds of draft posts saved for this blog. There have been so many nights where I have toyed with the temptation of typing out my thoughts. 540 more words

Evaluating Public Relations Campaigns With Spark PR

Written By: Allison Ewing, co-strategy director

Everyone wants success, but how do you measure success. A campaign or an event can seem successful on the outside but could be a fundraising bust and vice versa. 599 more words

Cultural survey


Cultural survey was inspired by ATHENA Swan and experienced in several institutions across the consortium.


List of questions

PDF or excel to download… 27 more words


Glass Spheres

I once heard an analogy that in life you have to juggle many balls, but you have to remember which ones are the ones made of glass and be sure not to drop those. 714 more words

Lists And Schedules

Up in the air

I got my sister to go with me to San Diego State for the Open House thing, it was much harder than it should have been, my case manager even though I should have had someone supporting me coming with me.   336 more words

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