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The Only Thing You Have Is Time

I have extreme difficulty with time management. I’m getting better at it but I have this tendency to get distracted which really slows me down.  I’ve chosen to focus on this goal specifically because my time is the most valuable resource that I have.   440 more words


Evaluating Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Mobile phones are icons of modern day living. It is an icon representing instant connectivity in terms of communication wherever you may be in the world today. 453 more words

Sex Therapy Guide: In Evaluating Vaginal Pain, Don’t Forget Penis Size

Women, are you having pain with intercourse? There are a lot of reasons for vaginal pain, but there is one quirky one that many medical providers fail to evaluate: a partner’s large penile girth. 59 more words

Continuing and re evaluating.....

Its been awhile since I last blogged. Its not that I haven’t been busy, I have, but I’m unsure of my future especially when it comes to earning money. 634 more words


Evaluating Cases of Neuropathy in Paramus, NJ: Neuropathy or RLS?

“Those with neuropathy in Paramus, NJ would describe the pain as a burning or tingling sensation. What type of nerves are affected depends on the individual, but most of the time it starts in the longest nerves which are those that reach the toes. 95 more words

Joan Steiner-Adler

Title: President, Owner

Company: MTLS, Inc.

Location: Palm Springs, Calif.

Drawing from 57 years of consulting services, Dr. Joan Steiner-Adler continues as president and owner of MTLS, Inc., a medical and educational consultancy in Palm Springs, Calif. 136 more words


Evaluating The Right Things | Youth Specialties

The Number of kids you have in your youth ministry may not be meaningless, but it’s not a good way to evaluate your ministry.  A good benchmark is how many kids in your youth ministry continue to live a committed Christian walk once they graduate.   1,123 more words