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Who Would Do What?

I recently spent a day at a theme park. It was hot, fun and full of a wide range of emotions. A fun little writing exercise I thought of while waiting in line for a ride has sparked today’s post.   783 more words

Daily Prompt

Formulating and Evaluating Expressions

Algebraic expressions are collections of numbers, variables and operations. When an equals sign is added, they become equations.
The variables are important, as it is not an algebraic equation without them – they make the outcome different depending on their value. 236 more words


What it means to be a HIPAA Call Center

When evaluating a potential #medical call center or answering service vendor, be sure that they can demonstrate how their operations will comply with #HIPAA regulations. 6 more words

Summative Graded Unit - The Evaluation

Aims and Objectives for the Documentary – Radio station, target audience, tone, style, pace, aims etc

The aim of my documentary was to tell the listeners about Horror Movie marathons happening around Scotland in a fun and memorable way. 5,440 more words

Making Changes and Mindfulness

Making changes and mindfulness is something I think about often. At almost 44, I feel like I am in a constant state of evaluation and re-evaluation of my life. 500 more words

Evaluation - Conventions

Below I have created a Directors Commentary which closely analyses the conventions which have been used within our horror sequence in contrast to other horror media texts.

Evaluation - Representation

I have created a prezi which looks at the representation of different types of people. I have looked in depth into the representation of Age, Gender, Class and Ethnicity in horror and in my sequence. 20 more words