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Making Changes and Mindfulness

Making changes and mindfulness is something I think about often. At almost 44, I feel like I am in a constant state of evaluation and re-evaluation of my life. 500 more words

Evaluation - Conventions

Below I have created a Directors Commentary which closely analyses the conventions which have been used within our horror sequence in contrast to other horror media texts.

Evaluation - Representation

I have created a prezi which looks at the representation of different types of people. I have looked in depth into the representation of Age, Gender, Class and Ethnicity in horror and in my sequence. 20 more words

Evaluation - Preliminary

Below is a Prezi which I have ceated which looks at the ways that I have developed since the preliminary task. I have focused on Team Work, Planning, Organisation and my knowledge when creating my preliminary Task. 11 more words


Evaluation - Audience Attraction

Below is an adobe spark that I have created which looks into the ways that we have attracted our audience and the ways in which we used their feedback to create the best sequence possible. 9 more words

Evaluation - Target Audience

Below is a slideshow which looks at why we chose the target audience that we did and the ways that we appealed to them. This also looks at the qualitative research done and what we learned from it.


Evaluation - Technologies

Below I have created a directors Commentary which looks into the use of technologies throughout the process of creating our horror sequence.