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More music with Eva Marie

Eva dug into her music kit a bit more today exploring the different instruments that it offered. I think she pretty much understood what everything was. 24 more words

Eva Marie

Mamacita Maracas!

Today we helped Eva play with part of her new musical instrument set that she had recently received for Christmas. We decided to focus on her rhythm- so utilizing the maracas seemed like a natural starting point. Enjoy!


Eva Marie versus The Big Blue Cup

Eva Marie has been playing around our more ergonomically designed apartment space- crawling up, down, and all around. It’s been great to see her really explore the living room and go far beyond the confines of her little play station in front of our TV (not to be confused with the Sony Playstation video game console). 93 more words


New Videos

We’ve got two little videos straight from Julia’s iPhone. In this first video, we see Eva flapping her arms. She’s been doing this a lot lately. 142 more words


Enter the Sippy Cup

Eva Marie has been reaching for our glasses, cans, and other drinking devices quite a bit lately- so we figured what a great time to see what she can do solo with her first sippy cup. 141 more words


My Daughter- the tripod

Earlier this week we were talking about some of the physical milestones that Eva Marie has been accomplishing. This post is going to focus on our latest big physical activity- … 213 more words


Physical Education

Like any good parents, we always want to see how Eva Marie stacks up with the competition- in this case how does she compare “physically” to other babies in her age range. 117 more words