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Guest Lecture Evan Calder Williams // Unplanned Cinema – metropolis, circulation and method

January 29 2013

Unplanned Cinema – metropolis, circulation and method

This workshop centers on three intertwined histories – the cinema, capitalism, and the metropolis – to argue how the same problem structures all three: namely, how can the past, the frozen, the negated, and the accumulated be made to produce anew? 323 more words


landmark seizures // one // publication

Landmark Seizures one was a book.

Here is the account of the book, written in December 2011:

This is a demonstration
Landmark Seizures is the strata of works by five artists and writers, printed in blue soy based ink and bound rather crudely together with some staples. 505 more words

Of Trolls, Horror, Movies, and Calling Dibs

I’m writing this mostly to let people know that I’m still alive and thinking, but also to pull something my digital acquaintance Kerry Mockler has pulled over on her blog… 721 more words

On Rage & Swagger

From An Old Post from The New Inquiry

And we swagger because we do not know how to part with our rage, which we cherish and press cutting close, but we learn to swagger — or rather, we’re swaggered, briefly, while the wind blows and things burn and our hands are full — because we know it darkly all the same.

Evan Calder Williams


Our world of zombies: Jim Shaw and Evan Calder Williams

I’ve been reading Evan Calder Williams’ book Combined and Uneven Apocalypse: Luciferian Marxism in which he relates capitalism’s most recent fall to the allegorical representation of the post-apocalypse in horror and science-fiction film. 619 more words


Some Recent Apocalyptic Stuff

Over in Guernica, there are two recent articles. One is Alexis Madrigal’s “Nuclear Haze,” which discusses some of the historical markers of nuclear energy. The other is an excerpt from… 212 more words

Eschatological Anxiety