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Review: Evanescent by Gabriella LePore

*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first read by Gabriella and I found it to be quite entertaining. We follow three guys and our main character, Bronwen, as they try to protect each other while one of them is being hunted. 389 more words



Wheel of joy and despair continue

Sometimes I don’t enjoy good times fully –

because I constantly fear its end.

Sometimes I actually know

that their end is near… 64 more words


The evanescent images of my familiar thoughts haunted by your ideas keep me busy during the nights. Vapours arise from the cease of the earth. My night sky begins under a ceiling of stars and the force of gravity determines my whereabouts but I’m lost in my own neverland. 175 more words


Lawn mowers invade indifferent rainy skies,
Hundreds of newly discovered graves of
Ancient cannibals, zoophiles and philosophers.
Walls shout at people that read long poems in dreams. 34 more words



Our existence in all its entirely becomes our fate. The fables of pages i write upon are a victim of my dungeon of thoughts. Seemingly, antique narratives wrapped in actions, bound by thousand vague sockets of emotions and recollections of past. 169 more words

As Time Passes

Choka - Loss (I Have Lost All My Colours)

Choka – Loss (I Have Lost All My Colours)

Holding too much pain

I am alone with the moon

So hollow within

I have lost all my colours… 33 more words


Evanescent Happiness

Through my bedroom window the other day, I saw it was only a little time left for the Sun to set over Rock garden – and my favourite spot there. 474 more words