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Samuel Butler- “Human life is as
evanescent as the
morning dew or a flash of
lightning”, it’s too short but long enough for everyone to excel in the midst of human imperfections; the first step forward, is the beginning of the journey, as you move along, learn in the comfort of your privacy, then exhibit it in the public gallery; don’t expect a warm reception when you are still unknown, keep creating the future you desire with those big events and big occasions, life is too short, give it your best shot.


The Busker.

He aims to be inconspicuous
Blending into the background
The white noise
Amidst the incessant buzz and chatter
Murmurs of the crowd 248 more words



I would have loved to know
how it’s like to kiss you

Would it be tender?
Would it be gentle?
Would your hands explore
the terrain of my back or… 170 more words


Just Because.

Just because
my hair isn’t long
doesn’t mean that I’m
any less of a girl

I wear my hair short
to feel your breath
tickle my bare skin when… 169 more words



Mending a broken heart is an arduous task.

Unlike a physical wound, readily visible to all and sundry, where its recovery is tangible – and therefore trackable – 439 more words


Do You Know?

That even though it’s been months
You’re the last person I think of
Before slumber
And the first that occupies my mind
When I wake… 121 more words



You promised that you wouldn’t burn this bridge.

And I believed it.

For, despite the fact that you’d tweaked your social media settings such that I could hardly see anything on your profile, we were still… 343 more words