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Moments pass us by, sometimes making sense
slipping in the past as impermanence

holding on to those things we cherish
dissipating wisps of smoke as impermanence…

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Evanescent Fette

Irisnya macam kristal es nan indah, surainya blonde yang tidak mencerminkan keluarga Fette, pemilik surai brunette. Pun pucat kulitnya menutupi tubuh si bungsu… 1,294 more words



let me whisper the arcana of life

into your delicate ears tonight

before I will go, before I will dry

trace my steps and don’t ask why… 109 more words


*Evanescent | Old Growth Timber

Vanishing; quickly disappearing…

  • August 27, 1957- last old growth Douglas Fir tree removed from forest
  • September 11, 1957- last old growth log sawed in the mill…
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Weekly Photo Challenge

I Wish You Love.

From time to time, I lurk around your social media pages for updates on what you’re up to. While I might have been removed from your personal pages, your artist page is still accessible to the public eye. 617 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge 'Evanescent'

soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
“the evanescent Arctic summer”
synonyms: vanishing, fading, evaporating, melting away, disappearing, diminishing, dwindling, shrinking, fugitive’ 241 more words

Dawn Can Endure

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