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Becoming a Liberal Christian Part III: Seminary (Or A Strange Experience I Would Do Again)

(Confused Looks)

Usually when I tell people I’ve been to seminary, they give me a blank stare, as if I’ve told them, “I’ve decided to move to Mars,” or, “In my previous life I sold pineapples to people on a cruise ship.” A lot of times I get, “Isn’t that just for men?” ( 1,932 more words


The Power of Self-Centered Thinking (Part 3): On Forgiveness, Prayer, and Eternal Life

My husband and I once found ourselves worshipping with a community of believers who were struggling to pray.  When entreated by the pastor to spend the remainder of a service in small groups of prayer we found ourselves paired up with a group of several elders of the church.   5,140 more words


Moving beyond knowing "right answers"

Knowing “right answers” doesn’t mean we believe those answers. To believe is to live in a way where we act as though they are true. 250 more words


'Justification by Faith Alone' Alone is Not 'the Gospel'

The two ‘alones’ in the title are not a misprint. There is a common problem in evangelicalism and contemporary Protestant Christianity. It has to do with a frequent and erroneous tenancy to speak of a Lutheran, Reformation-era understanding of the doctrine of justification as ‘the Gospel.’ Usually this is in an attempt to claim that Roman Catholicism, the New Perspective on Paul, Eastern Orthodoxy etc, have a deficient… 1,058 more words

The Church And The Academy

The Evangelical Exodus Continues

Things have been keeping me busy in the Evangelical Exodus world. The book was featured in a recent NCR article, it was reviewed by  281 more words


Defining Evangelicalism

Evangelicalism, then, was the application of enlightenment ideas about self and society to Protestantism. And the core conviction this produced was the belief that God interacted primarily with individual believers.

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Becoming a Liberal Christian Part II: Beach Evangelism and Rob Bell


My anorexia and faith had long been intertwined, but as time went on, there was no choice for me but to fall on my knees… in a more palpable way than saying the “Jesus prayer” years earlier. 1,448 more words