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Justifying faith is a gift of God, wrought in the heart of a sinner by the Spirit. By this faith the sinner 1) is convinced of his sin and inability to save himself, 2) assents to the truths of the gospel promise, 3) receives and rests upon Christ and his righteousness for the forgiveness of sins and being counted righteous in God’s sight.

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Ash Wednesday

I walked through the double doors to an Anglican church minutes away from my apartment, my first attempt to going to church this year. Here I was trying to find answers in a church, again. 598 more words

Pentecostal and Holiness Statements on War and Peace

by David Swartz

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Attorney General John Ashcroft, a prominent advocate of the war in Iraq, wrote a song called “Let the Eagle Soar.” It was a deeply patriotic song, which included the following lyrics: “Like she’s never soared before, from rocky coast to golden shore, let the mighty eagle soar . 857 more words

"That Old Witch, Lady Reason!"

If you want me to read a blog or pick up a book, just tell me that it has book recommendations in it. I just read a blog this morning, for instance, which offered the 5 top books which a pastor whom I appreciate would take on a deserted island.  758 more words

Abandoned Megachurches circa 2026

This weekend I heard part of a story that made me shudder. A megachurch. Mortgage-free. An issue arises. A split. People leave. Now there’s a mortgage. 729 more words


Biblical-ish: "Surrender Your Life to God"

In a previous post, I explored the tendency of evangelical Christians to speak about God not in the terms with which he’s revealed himself in his Word. 963 more words