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Excerpted Reblog from Of Cabbages and Kings

Let’s party like it’s 1399 by Robert Wertzler  CABBAGESANDKINGS524

Going forward.

It is not too late to nip this cancer in the bud and return to America as the land of freedom and democracy, even improving on what we had before — preferably with some new checks and balances put in place to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.    260 more words

A Mixed Bag

Evangelicalism Is Alive and Well

Nearly a decade ago, Soong-Chan Rah wrote The Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity. The book offered a searing theological critique of American evangelicalism’s obsession with materialism, individualism, and whiteness. 663 more words


The pope lobbies oil execs while Scott Pruitt is a drilling evangelist

On Saturday, Pope Francis addressed a flock of oil executives on his home turf in Rome. Representatives from major energy companies like ExxonMobil, BP, and Shell… 467 more words


The Christian #MeToo Movement

It’s been quite a ride with sexual misconduct accusations being flung left right and centre, leading rich and powerful men everywhere to duck and dive, eager to avoid their own “Weinstein effect”. 402 more words

Is #MeToo an Indictment of Complementarianism?

Dale Coulter’s argument that evangelicals should repudiate “masculine Christianity” begins with an important omission. His opening paragraph recounts the turmoil swirling in the Southern Baptist Convention over indefensible comments and behavior from (former) Southwestern Seminary president Paige Patterson. 1,127 more words


Stop Calling Kids Movies "Cute"

So last week I finally watched Paddington with my family. I loved it. It’s clever, whimsical, beautifully-shot, and explored serious themes in a sensitive way. In short, it’s a good movie. 504 more words


Right, nearly right and the problem of frequent exposure

My wife came home the other day with some chocolates from work. Awesome! Who doesn’t love digging into a selection box? That’s right; weirdos, that’s who! 921 more words