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In Praise of Evangelicalism

Although I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about, explaining, and writing about why I’ve become Catholic in the past year or so, I really ought to have prefaced those explanations with praise for my former faith. 506 more words


Does Evangelical theology inculcate abuse Pt II: is penal substitution to blame?

Five days ago, Giles Fraser argued that the current abuse scandal surrounding the Church of England can be reasonably considered to be the fault of Evangelical theology… 1,628 more words

Evangelicalism’s Devil

Homer: Oh, I’d sell my soul for a doughnut.

Devil: Well, that can be arranged.

Homer: Wuh! Flanders! You’re the Devil?

Devil: It’s always the one you least suspect. 2,005 more words

Theological Treasure Trove

Does Evangelical theology inculcate abuse?

I had no particular desire or inclination to comment on the latest abuse scandal currently engulfing the Church of England. For one, the CofE is not my house to defend. 1,489 more words

The Danger of the Wrong Strategy

Evangelical summer camps have been getting some unpleasant news coverage recently -and for all the wrong reasons. In case you are wondering, yes there are right reasons for getting unpleasant news coverage -clear, undiluted gospel preaching is unlikely to win secular plaudits, so whenever the media picks up on something Evangelicals are doing which involves preaching the Gospel, then we are likely to get a bad press. 1,246 more words

The Christian Life

Israel, a Pentecostal Blind Eye

There is a sweet spot in a Pentecostal-Evangelical emotional regime for Israel and things related to the topic. The site of biblical events, religious sentiments and future hopes are often linked with the current state of Israel. 3,053 more words