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The State of Evangelicalism 2017, Part 4: Theological Training for Pastors is Not Valued

Where do evangelical churches find staff members?

Accurate statistics are difficult to find, but I would estimate that there are more paid staff positions in evangelical churches today than ever in the history of America. 1,019 more words


Wilderness Voices: Repent

A crucial message of the Biblical prophets was for the people to repent.  But is this a message we still need to hear today?

I know I’ve been to plenty of services, prayer meetings, and small groups where the subject was repentance.   755 more words


Brainwashing or Teaching?

I just watched a disturbing documentary on Netflix.  It’s called “Jesus Camp,” and I had some rough reactions to it. I’m kind of late to the party;, apparently it was all the rage when it was released in 2006, and it even got an Oscar nod for best documentary.  732 more words


My Cat is a False Teacher

This is our family cat, Pigeon. She was a shelter cat that we brought into our home almost 11 years ago. We love her. This is a picture of her sitting in my bed. 463 more words


The Sunday Supplement: God in the Jazz Club

I’m a great fan of Paul Simon, and have been for the past 40 years. One of his most recent songs is “Wristband”. It’s about a performer (I like to think in a jazz club) who “stepped outside the backstage door, to breathe some nicotine, and maybe check my mailbox,” when the stage door slams shuts behind him. 307 more words

The Sunday Supplement

The State of Evangelicalism 2017, Five Issues, Part 3: The Systematicians Still Reign

Modern evangelicalism has its roots in the European Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, particularly the stream that comes from John Calvin and his writings. “Calvinism,” after all, is not a book in the Bible but a theological construct based on Scripture. 1,185 more words


This is my story

I’ve been writing this blog now for almost three years, and it’s been nearly four since my coming out 2.0. Just yesterday I returned from the GCN Conference 2017, so I’ve been reflecting on my journey so far, re-reading old posts, and taking stock of where I am today. 1,406 more words