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Book Review, "Has American Christianity Failed?"

Wolfmueller, Bryan. Has American Christianity Failed? 2016. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House.

When you are surrounded by a smell, you eventually go ‘nose-blind.’ You stop smelling what those outside your environment can smell.

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Small Catechism

Postmodern Cardinal Sins #2: ‘Transphobia’

A ‘phobia’ was once defined as ‘an irrational fear.’ At some stage some academic shot down the pipe to make it into ‘an irrational hate.’ 642 more words

The Motion to Mitigate Climate Change through Emotional Stories

by Annette Wong

As the environmental advisor to the British Government, and a co-organizer of the UN climate change summit, Alex Evans has a unique theory on why the Paris environmental summit far exceeded the success of the Copenhagen summit. 387 more words

Climate Change

Charles Hodge on the Authority of Facts

One of Evangelicalism’s main problems is that most of it has a low view of the Bible’s authority.

Most Evangelicals have sold out to the decrees given by Dear Science.   428 more words

PRC (5): Some Suggestions Regarding Evangelism:

In recent blog posts I have criticized the evangelism methods of the PRC. I wish to offer some helpful suggestions on how these methods can be improved in this article. 2,335 more words


Listen for the Hiss

In Genesis the story of Satan’s lies to the first humans is laid out. I have no doubt that the lies were not hissed by the serpent. 278 more words