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** In the wake of the marches on Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11th and 12th I have decided to write about my journey (still in progress) of divesting myself of whiteness, and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. 1,074 more words

Social Justice

Church, parachurch, or why church at all?

Church, parachurch, or why church at all?
(whole essay at Church, parachurch, or why church at all)

Questions: What means did Christ establish… 2,102 more words



Unless one were to believe the bulk of Christianity mistaken, the fathers inept, even the apostles and disciples, perhaps in cases Jesus himself, completely oblivious to the ideas one now holds as resolute, required, jot and tittle for salvation, then one must humble and tame hubris. 73 more words


Meeting with Management - Part 2

I met with management yesterday (an elder in the church) to discuss my observation regarding the preaching of the law to believers over preaching Christ and Him crucified for us, as well as the absence of the Holy Spirit in our gatherings. 206 more words


When the church needs transfiguration

Last week the Church celebrated Transfiguration. The miraculous event where Christ revealed his divine glory is considered a major feast day in the liturgical year. Historically, this event took place during the Jewish Festival of Booths, and the timing of the transfiguration illustrates the co-dwelling of the glory of God with humankind. 1,894 more words


The Thinnest of Soups

I thought this was a fitting description of what most evangelical churches have turned into:

“And I should also add that, as one EO poet has put it, Evangelical Christianity often serves “the thinnest of soups”. 55 more words


I hate Christianese

We went to worship with a different church this morning. I have to say that I was disappointed because there were several red flags displayed that led me to conclude we were visiting a legalistic Reformed church disguised as a generic dispensational Bible church. 337 more words