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Did Gandalf Rescue Evangelicals?

Yesterday afternoon I was watching the live stream of the 2016 ERLC National Conference. Specifically, I tuned into a panel that discussed how evangelicals could engage with art in a gospel-centered way. 705 more words


History, Empathy, and Race in America

At the Anxious Bench, historian Kristin Du Mez (who did her undergraduate work down the road a short way from here) cogently discusses a case of how history fosters empathy, and why Christians in America need more of both. 7 more words


The calling we have in culture

Dallas Willard has an essay titled “The Failure of Evangelical Politics” in the book Renewing the Christian Mind. In it he lays out the failure of the evangelical church in the past several decades to live out what is truly the gospel.  622 more words


A Few Thoughts on "Purity Culture"

I’ve been trying over the last couple years to keep in tension two things that I believe are equally true.

The first is: Many of evangelical culture’s ideas about sexuality, marriage, and relationships have borne bad fruit. 1,236 more words


Our massive cultural failure

Today, equality is not actually regarded as a matter of human dignity and value. That is very hard to defend. Rather, it is regarded as a doorway to freedom.

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Rescuing Jesus Review

If you’re interested, check out my review of Deborah Jian Lee’s book Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women, and Queer Christians Are Reclaiming Evangelicalism… 11 more words