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Changing Church

I am a former Catholic–one of the fallen away, to my Catholic friends. And I go to an evangelical church with some who are also former Catholics. 606 more words

So That The World May Believe

Some Thoughts on a Few Heretics (Six, to be Precise)

I read this post from Andy Gill earlier today and enjoyed it a good deal. Go on, read it. Gill employs a little bit of tasteful satire to make a great point. 417 more words

Psalm 6: A Lesson for Modern Evangelicalism

David gives the church a wonderfully simple outline in Psalm 6 for understanding how the Spirit of God works on the heart of the individual. This wisdom is timeless even though it has fallen out of favor in modern times. 614 more words


The Sketchy Faith Healer Who Tried to Save New York From Vice

John Alexander Dowie, a faith healer, made waves not only in the United States but also Africa. Read a concise account of his work here at Atlas Obscura: … 14 more words


Aggressive and Loving Men: Gender Hegemony in Christian Hardcore Punk

By Amy D. McDowell

During the 2017 presidential campaign, James Dobson, the evangelist and founder of Focus on the Family, urged Christians to vote for Donald Trump because the leadership of Hillary Rodham Clinton scared him “to death.” After writing that Hillary “haunts” his nights and days, Dobson asked other Christians to “pray for our nation in this time of… 570 more words


An addendum on the Tim Farron 'gay sin' witchhunt

Yesterday, I commented on the ongoing campaign of Channel 4 News to implicate Tim Farron as a homophobe. I noted the standard Evangelical view on homosexuality, why it is almost impossible to answer the question in the form put by Cathy Newman in a simple and straightforward way and went on to argue that, whatever Farron’s views happen to be, it frankly didn’t matter politically. 586 more words

Are Christians Extra Post-Truth?


Do you buy it?

I know a lot of SAGLRROILYBYGTH, unlike me, hail from evangelical intellectual backgrounds. And a lot of us have read and pondered… 437 more words

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