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Heels in the Pulpit: Professional Wrestling in the Age of the 1980s Televangelism Scandals

By Charles Westmoreland, Jr.

If anything about professional wrestling can be called unusual, then the February 13, 1988 episode of Championship Wrestling fit that description. A one-hour production for the Memphis-based Continental Wrestling Association (CWA), … 3,675 more words


29 November 2015. One of These Things is NOT Like the Other... Don't Mix 'Em Up!


Don’t get buffaloed by Evangelical campaigns… in most cases, they’re much ado about nothing. The Starbucks holiday cup is a non-issue… so is the so-called “Manhattan Declaration” and all the rest of the Evangelical folderol. 48 more words


Paris and Spiritual Gravitas

Paris. The very name causes discomfort now as we associate in our minds the City of Love with the ruthless slaughter that occurred exactly two weeks ago, the bright shining star of tourism with the chilling shadow of terrorism. 727 more words


Recommendations Across Lines of Difference

To the Evangelical Christian Community

I am no longer an evangelical, theologically conservative, Protestant Christian; however, I grew up in this environment and, unlike some who have journeyed out and away from this particular “community” of faith, I still carry within my soul great empathy, and even love, for my many family and friends, who still  1,265 more words


Religious People Are More Likely to Be Veterans in the U.S.

Religion and military service go hand-in-hand. Here’s the data.

CHR Comment: Tobin Grant demonstrates that American veterans are significantly more likely to be church goes than those who are not religious. 36 more words

Modern Church

N.T. Wright on Mark 4:26-34

World renowned New Testament theologian N.T. Wright makes the following comments on Jesus’ seed parables in Mark 4.

“When you audition for a choir, often the conductor will ask you to pick notes out of a chord. 433 more words

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