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Three lessons I’ve learned about not being a natural evangelist.

There are lots of people I will never be, and I would be very foolish to try to fill their shoes. Brilliant philosophers. Accomplished artists. Any kind of elite sportsman. 503 more words


Evangelism & Joy

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will return to you.

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Pray for the lost, not just grandma's stubbed toe

Today’s blog post, like all Monday posts, is a book excerpt. The book I’ve chosen for today is Leader: Creating Commissioned Community. It’s from a series of books that David Francis and I have co-written. 307 more words


The Living Martyr

As I was teaching Bible Study on Wednesday night, I was reminded of a thought I have been pondering for a while. We were studying Genesis Chapter 18 where the Lord came to visit Abraham and Sarah, telling them that in a year they would have a son. 1,308 more words


Let’s Carterize!

How would you respond if you heard this statement about your church “I would never be accepted at __________Church because I could not break through the clique.” … 663 more words

Resurrection: Reasonable or Ridiculous?

One of the core things I believe as a Christian is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. This claim is central to the faith and absolutely necessary to the Christian gospel. 1,519 more words


Salvation By Grace

This is the second series in dealing with the subject, “Salvation by Grace through Faith.” The first gave emphasis to Biblical teaching concerning the importance of grace, faith, and obedience in our salvation. 627 more words